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ROLLING STONE - story of a great band that took a great fall... a Behind The Music from Hell.


LA WEEKLY - a must-read for anyone who still harbors illusions about the music business


Q MAGAZINE - 400 plus pages allow for plenty more than just macabre tragedy… astounding research


RECORD COLLECTOR - A riveting scare-story about the power of the music business to wreck lives


MOJO - As memorable and moving as the best Badfinger music was, the story behind it is no less poignant and instructive.







DISCOVERIES - It's what music books should be about and all too rarely are


EAR CANDY - A stellar achievement, this is one of the best rock band bios that I have read


POPSIDED - Matovina has written the best rock biography of our time.


VOX - well researched, deeply felt and cautionary tale.


BAM - gritty and colorful, yet still kept in an entertaining light that will keep you engulfed


BEATLEFAN - filled with fresh assessments... had me playing each disc as I read of its recording... Matovina has added immeasurably to our understanding of Badfinger







Rated #2 ROCK Book of 1997


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PUNCTURE - The music industry is rife with stories of greed and betrayal, but Without You tops them all


BUFFALO ART VOICE - essential reading for any music fan as a look into the dichotomy of the music business


GOLDMINE - classic example of how the music business eats its young ... a truly great band, with great singers and players and at least one great writer


CMJ (COLLEGE MUSIC JOURNAL) Exhaustively researched, compassionately told... the kind of book every band should read before sitting down to sign a contract






MODERN DANCE - this book is perhaps one of the biggest and best, and I daresay the most detailed account of a band that's been written

SCUZZ - well-presented, gives a voice to differing points of view when the narrative demands it

THE 910 - well-researched, well-illustrated and utterly absorbing reading

UNCUT - Spinal Tap come to life… one of the most engrossing rock reads of the year

RIVERFRONT TIMES - cautionary tale for anyone thinking of playing a guitar for a living... Without You could make for one hell of a movie.