Perfection: The Songs of Badfinger's Pete Ham & Tom Evans

Perfection CD cover - Bug

A new promotional CD of songs written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger has been manufactured through Bug Music (the Domestic administrating publisher of the compositions) in cooperation with the Ham & Evans Estates, Apple Corps Ltd., Capitol Records, EMI, Warner Chappell, Warner Bros., WMG and Sony/BMG; all with the intention of promoting the two deceased writer's songs for potential uses for films, television shows, advertising, and/or cover versions.

From my perspective, after the confirmed establishment of Bug Music's U.S. domestic publishing administration deals for these two deceased songwriter's Estates, I wanted to next pursue one of my initial goals, which had been to initiate and create an "industry" promo sampler, working with the administrating U.S. publisher, which would further highlight the amazing quality and highly commercial songwriting of Pete Ham and Tom Evans off of Badfinger's Apple/Warner Brothers catalog.

To achieve this goal was going to be complicated. Clearances needed to be signed off on; designing of the package needed to be done; and the mastering of the various material to make a cohesive package; all aspects were going to be quite involved. I worked in close conjunction with much of the staff at Bug Music Ltd. and the project finally came into fruition in August of 2006. Both Estates were extremely pleased with the result.

This is a limited printing of 1000 CD's. They are "Not For Sale" and appropriately marked. Please do not contact Bug Music for a copy unless you are a "music supervisor," "artist producer/agent," or intending to consider the material for a "commercial" venture. Also, Bug does not administrate the "Badfinger" masters.

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