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Special Features :

Without You book excerpt - Head First era -with extra info 

Report on the year 2000 VH-1 documentary Badfinger: Behind The Music.
 Pete Ham - year 2000 Swansea Tribute booklet
Report on year 2000 Badfinger Live Day After Day court case
Report on year 2000 Swansea, South Wales Tribute to Pete Ham

Interviews with Mike Gibbins:

Year 2001 -Mike Gibbins int. by Dan Matovina Year 1998 Mike Gibbins.int. by Sean Siever

Interviews with Dan Matovina:

Bangladesh/UNICEF Anniversary event 2005 rundown (Dan Matovina)

Dan Matovina on the year 2000 Very Best Of Badfinger CD

Dan Matovina talks to Jesper's BadfingerNews about the revised Badfinger book 
Year 1998 - Dan Matovina talks to Beatlefan - outtakes from Ken Sharp's interview.
Dan Matovina year 1998 interview regarding Golders Green by Jesper -BadfingerNews
Dan Matovina interview 1998 as featured on Tom Brennan's website.
 Year 2000 - Dan Matovina interview by Brando's Badfinger Pages
Sept 1997 interview w/Dan Matovina from Big O magazine

Interviews with Bob Jackson :

Interview by J. Vindberg - Part 1- 2000 Int. by BadfingerNews - Part 2- 2000

Interview with Joe Tansin (Airwaves):
Joe Tansin interview by Sean Siever, April 1999