Golders Green

Pete Ham

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CD first released in U.S. & Japan on July 13, 1999

Golders Green, a CD of Pete Ham demos, released in the year 1999, features twenty Ham demos recorded from 1967 to 1975. This collection follows much in the vain of 7 Park Avenue, the first CD of demos from the Rykodisc label. Liner notes are by Ken Sharp, the highly-acclaimed author of books on Cheap Trick, Raspberries, and Power Pop. This collection has occasional instrumental augmentation by Bob Jackson, Ron Griffiths, and Chris von Sneidern are just some of the musicians helping out. A picture of Pete Ham's daughter, Petera Ham, is included in the booklet.  The Japanese version of the Golders Green CD includes two bonus tracks "Piano Red" and "Evening Sky".

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Story Behind the Japanese version of Golders Green by Dan Matovina

1999 - The Japanese version of Golders Green came about because of a request from VideoArts Music, who manufacture and distribute Rykodisc's product in Japan. This company often requests additional bonus tracks for their CD's because their domestic CD's comes under different tax laws which make them more expensive to consumers in Japan. Bonus tracks entice their market to buy their domestic version. Previously, for 7 Park Avenue, I decided to give the Japanese company five bonus tracks, because many Pete Ham fans from outside Japan were so into Pete Ham that they would likely buy the more expensive CD. Actually, this Japanese bonus track scenario is very common to the music industry. For Golders Green, many people at Rykodisc U.S. did not want to have another separate Japanese version. But the general manager of Rykodisc really pushed and almost insisted the Ham Estate give them some extra tracks because Video Arts are such a big help to Rykodisc and Pete Ham is actually more renown in Japan than in the U.S. or Europe. So I gave them two extra tracks. Looking back later, I do wish I'd put on one or two more, but I had to make a really quick decision at the time. "Piano Red" is almost five minutes long. It's a very interesting track with lots of slide guitar licks -- a lot of fun. "Evening Sky" shows a different side to Pete's writing. I do recommend the Japanese CD. You also get a complete lyrics sheet with the package.

Track list:

  • Makes Me Feel Good1:47
  • A Lonely Day 1:57 
  • Dawn 3:16
  • Without You (If It's Love) 2:08 
  • Pete's Walk 1:25 
  • Hurry On Father 1:37
  • Goodbye John Frost 1:54
  • I'll Kiss You Goodnight 2:36
  • When The Feeling :0:55 
  • Shine On 0:39 
  • Gonna Do It 0:22
  • Whiskey Man 1:26
  • Keyhole Street 2:23 
  • I've Waited So Long To Be Free 1:35
  • Richard 3:06
  • Midnight Caller 2:39 
  • Helping Hand 3:50
  • Where Will You Be 1:52
  • I'm So Lonely 3:11 
  • Makes Me Feel Good 2:04

  • Japan Bonus Tracks

  • Piano Red 4:57 
  • Evening Sky 2:25