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Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger/ links

Following are some links I recommend:

This site promotes both Badfinger and The Iveys. Plus, the solo webpages of Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins & Tom Evans. Also, the Badfinger Library Message Board

Badfinger Library
Tom Brennan's Badfinger Library page focuses primarily on information and details about The Iveys/Badfinger. There is a major listing of song lyrics as compiled by Dan Matovina and Tom Brennan. Many of these are verified lyrics through actual handwritten lyric sheets and other research done with the Iveys/ Badfinger members, friends, and families. Quite accurate but a work in progress. There is also a concert page of all Iveys/Badfinger gigs continuously being updated.

Wish You Were Here
Morten Vindberg's site dedicated to Badfinger. Features, news, lyrics, tabs, comments page, index of names...

Brando's Badfinger
Brando's Badfinger page is valuable for its articles, editorial content, and ephemera. An enthusiastic page from a dedicated fan who champions the music above all else.

Jesper Vindberg's original website on Badfinger. Has some valid old articles

Badfinger drummer Mike Gibbins official website

Offical site of The Heirs and Estate Of Peter William Ham

Info site for Tom Evans