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Pete Ham

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From the liner notes (1997):

Many of the existing demos of Pete Ham were technically cleaned up for dropouts, clicks, and extremely dull sound in 1993. The songs had been recorded in the late 60's and early 70's on a Revox Sound-On-Sound tape machine. This device has two record heads. Each overdub Pete Ham would lay down meant the simultaneous bouncing in of his previous track, and an eventual mono master. The difficult nature of this process sometimes resulted in a great imbalance to the final vocal and instrument levels. In order to even out some of the sounds, there were new overdubs added to a number of Pete's demos. A decision was later made to musically enhance some additional demos. Great effort was taken to retain the integrity of the era for which the songs were recorded in.

Every vocal, lead guitar solo, and all guitar licks you hear are Pete Ham's original performances. He also played most of the keyboards here, some of the percussion parts, even a few of the drum tracks. The overdubs were performed in 1994 and 1995; the majority being by ex-Badfinger member Bob Jackson, ex-Iveys member Ron Griffiths, bass player Derrick Anderson of The Andersons, and Los Angeles based drummer Rick Cammon. No demos were utilized which included any performances which may have included any of the Badfinger members Joey Molland, Tom Evans, or Mike Gibbins.

All songs written by Pete Ham and published by The Estate of Pete Ham (PRS) are administered by Bug Music except Matted Spam published by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) and No Matter What published by Apple Publishing Ltd. (PRS) administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP).

A Japanese remastered version of 7 Park Avenue has also been issued with some new mixes included. The work that has been done on this CD includes improvement of much of the sound, especially the bonus tracks, and some tempo fixes and overall tempo changes on a number of tracks, not to mention, re-mixes of three tracks. The new mixes are very subtle changes, but, in my opinion, an improvement.

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Producer:Dan Matovina
RCD10349 (CD Only)
Release Date: 18 March 1997 (US);
17 March 1997 (Europe)
7 Park Avenue
  1. Catherine Cares 2:56 
  2. Coppertone Blues 3:49 
  3. It Doesn't Really Matter 2:51 
  4. Live Love All Of Your Days 2:13 
  5. Would You Deny 1:20 
  6. Dear Father 1:55 
  7. Matted Spam 3:19 
  8. No Matter What 2:20 
  9. Leaving On A Midnight Train 2:36 
  10. Weep Baby 2:20 
  11. Hand In Hand 2.31 
  12. Sille Veb 3:28 
  13. I Know That You Should 3:22 
  14. Island 2:20 
  15. Just Look Inside The Cover 3:21 
  16. Just How Lucky We Are 2:20 
  17. No More 2:45 
  18. Ringside 2:45