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Hello fellow Barracudas. It looks like the Red Tide is clearing up over in the Venice Florida area. Soon all the dead fish should be gone and that area can start its recovery. Soon it will be good for looking for shark teethagain.

Speaking of shark teeth, I went to see the new movie “THE MEG.” It is a good syfy/monster movie. I do not think that it will create fear in people about sharks, like the movie JAWS did. I hate

Chris Dorris

movies that produce fear of sharks and all sea creatures.

I worked the Labor Day Sale at ADI and it is so much fun to talk to all the people who love diving and help them find thing they cannot live without!

Let’s get wet!

Dive safe, Dive often!

Data Services

With the Annual Barracudas Banquet rapidly approaching, it's that time of year again to start thinking about the slate of candidates for the 2019 E-Board officers. The E-Board has drawn up a list of of proposed officers as follows:

President: Chris Dorris
Vice President: Bill Little
Secretary: Mary Ward
Treasurer: Beth Shaffer

As ever, if you would like to run for one of these offices, or know someone who would, please

Bill Little

make your preference known to any of the E-Board members. We'll be more than glad to bring up the names of any candidates who wish to step forward.

Also, if you would like to serve as chair of any of the club committees, please let us know. It's your chance to work with a group of good folks, learn a little about how the club operates from the inside, and get out of the house once a month! What more could you ask?


It's time to get your photos ready for the annual Barracuda Photography Contest! The updated contest rules are on the website. From the Activites pulldown on the main page, click on Photo Contest Rules. Then click on Photo Contest

David Ballou

Entry Form to fill out the form. The print it, and send it along with a CD containing your photos to Dave Ballou at the address listed on the form. The contest results will be unveiled at the November gneral meeting.

Programs and Publicity

Be sure to mark your calendar for the September general meeting. Ginger Ballou will be sharing

Max Farley

images and stories about Anthony's Key Resort in Roatan. Come see!

Beth Shaffer