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Family and Friends,

It is with great sorrow that I let you know my father, Phil Hampton, died at home Sunday morning after a short but grueling battle with metastasized melanoma.

At the end of September, Phil and Grace were interviewed by 4Ocean ( about their love of diving and the ocean. My dad was active and happy as you will see in the video (CLICK HERE). Only a few days later he collapsed, was admitted to the hospital, and diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that had spread throughout his body, with 18 tumors in his brain and tumors in his spine, bones and most organs. He was started on radiation therapy for his brain and lower back and followed that with new cancer tumor shrinking drugs Tafinlar/Mekinist. He also underwent dialysis.

After three weeks in the hospital, with only a few short days at home before being readmitted, his tumors were shrinking but the rest of his systems were failing. He was generally in little pain and in good spirits, welcoming visitors and cutting up with the hospital staff. We brought him home with hospice last Thursday and he died Sunday morning. His Celebration of a Life Well Lived will be held at our church on Sunday afternoon. (See obituary below for more details.)

Dad was thrilled to be back home and so happy that he was able to see Torey for several days. His brother Bob came from California to visit and also our longtime friends Rosa and Jona Jordan. During his hospital stay, the 2019 Guinness Book of World Records was published and he was proud to show it off and sign copies for all who asked, including most of his doctors, nursing staff, and care givers. Mike hung up pictures in his hospital room of their record setting dive and we believe Dad received better care because they treated him like a celebrity.

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Dad lived his life with no unfinished business or regrets, a deep love for my mother and the rest of his family, and complete pride in his grandson Torey.

Love to all,

Wendy Hampton McCleskey

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On behalf of the E-Board, and the club at large, we are heartbroken to learn of Phil Hampton's passing. Our deepest sympathies go out to Torey, Wendy, Mike, and Grace.

Bill Little

Sadly, we must also report the death of Terry Keeney's uncle. Our thoughts and prayers also go to Terry and the entire Keeney family.


The 2018 Photo Contest is rapidly coming to a close. All entries are in, and being judged. The winners will be presented at the upcoming general meeting on Thursday, November 15.

David Ballou

Please make your plans to come to the last general meeting of the year to see who this year's contest winners are, and enjoy the results of their hard work.