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President's Message

Hello fellow Barracudas! If you have been considering furthering your dive education I highly recommend it. Not only is it so much fun taking a specialty class, it also strengthens and adds skills. I have just finished a Self Reliant Diver Class and it was a fantastic experience. We had

Chris Dorris

a three tank dive trip yesterday. Between performing our skills, we saw several sharks and many turtles, two that wouldn’t fit in the jeep (HUGE loggerheads)!

Dive safe, dive often!


Hamptons in Bonaire

We made it back from Bonaire, after 2 weeks of diving, arriving home in the wee hours of Sun. 10 June. The flight from Bonaire to Miami was the inaugural flight on American, smooth but no snacks. We verified that we hate Miami International Airport. Customs and immigration were smooth, and fast, but getting to connecting flight was exhausting! No trams, all were parked and empty. Gross disorganization. Us old people were physically stressed.

The good news was that almost 87 year old Phil had 27 and Grace 22 SCUBA dives. All dives 50 to 60 minutes, at depths up to 77ft. I have gotten conservative as I age: no more bounce dives to 130 ft at dive site Forest, and all dives Nitrox but computer set on air.

Ned and Anna DeLoach were there and we dove with them and had a number of chats. Friends.

Phil Hampton

Our diving in Bonaire was great. Buddy Dive is a prime spot. The dive operation is the best, and all are so friendly and helpful. Our personal dive equipment suffered some failures. Grace's BC finally had a major failure when the inflator hose broke off where it entered the bladder. Also we had three failures in our group of the new light weight flex hoses. All were replaced with standard hoses. All failures were detected prior to total rupture. Everyone needs to have their buddy check all hoses the first time in the water every season. Hope the Cudas did that Ballou’s Pool Check. Murphy at Buddy's told me that they have had a lot of such hose failures.

Good news: no camera failures!

While there, we met the editor of SCUBA Diving magazine and were told she is writing an article on us for a future issue.


Programs and Publicity

We have a special program for June 21. Our speaker will be Russ Dressell, a retired CIA representative who still works as a consultant to the CIA and other organizations in the intelligence business. This will be an informative and educational presentation concerning how the CIA works: "Why the CIA: the obvious and not so obvious reasons".

Considering what is going on in our world today,

Max Farley

this will be very timely and perhaps help us to understand some of what is taking place in our government today.

Russ has a vast amount of experience. You really need to see and hear this presentation. You will not be disappointed.

This is not going to be about politics. It is about how the CIA works.