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Hello fellow Barracudas, I absolutely love living in Florida, where you can dive year round. Last weekend I had the opportunity to Divemaster for an Open Water class for dives 3 and 4. The air temperature was mid 70’s and the water temperature was mid 70’s, two to three foot seas

Chris Dorris

and sunny. It was a fantastic day for diving, especially in February! It was also a very good class: all graduated and are now certified open water divers.

Let’s get wet! Dive safe, Dive often!


Data Services

Get your membership renewals in!

Get your membership renewals in!

Get your membershpi renewals in!

Bill Little

Okay, enough of the broken record thing.... Our roster currently stands at 27 members who have renewed their memberships for 2019. Get moving, campers! If you're reading this, you're already on the website, so hop over to the membership renewal page, and fill out that form!

Programs and Publicity

At February’s Barracuda meeting, our entertainment will be a presentation by Phil and Linda Stasik about diving the “Golden Triangle” of Indonesia. Their video and slide presentation will highlight a 5-week trip that they took in June and July of 2018, which included stays at two different resorts and a long, one-way overwater trip on the “Raja Ampat Aggressor” live-aboard dive boat.

The central and eastern portions of Indonesia are

Max Farley

among the most ecologically diverse marine environments on Earth. Many of the places that the Stasiks dove are very remote, yet some are literally right under municipal docks in heavily populated areas. Every dive was fascinating!

Please come on Thursday to learn more about the contrasting beauty, diversity, and severe pollution problems of this far away archipelago. Who knows, you may just want to go see it for yourself!