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President's Message

A little bit of this'n'that for July....

We're still looking for someone to fill our Historian and Ways and Means chairs. If you'd like to take over one (or both!) of these two committees, just contact any E-Board member and make your wishes known.

Speaking of E-Board... We are moving the September E-Board from Monday, September 4 to Monday, September 11 to avoid a conflict with Labor Day. Also, the meeting will be at Beth and Len Shaffer's condo in Cocoa Beach, as Mary will be in Bonaire on the 11th.

Banquet time is rapidly approaching! The 2017 Barracuda Banquet and Officer Election will be Saturday, October 28, Happy Hour starting at 6:30 P.M. We'll be back at The Tides this year for

Bill Little

a buffet style meal and much merriment. iIckets will go on sale at the August general meeting. Keep watching the bulletin for more details.

Follow on to last month's message: The July 13, 2017 edition of Undercurrent Magazine contains a story chronicling the recent spate of bad news surrounding Emerald Dive Charters in Jupiter. The article covered the shark bite owner Randy Jordan suffered while hand feeding sharks, as well as no less than two occasions of losing divers in May and early July. In those two incidents, the divers were rescued by either the Marine Unit of the Broward County Sheriff's Office or the Sea Tow organization. Beyond vowing to NEVER dive with Emerald, I shall refrain from further comment.


Programs and Publicity

The July entertainment will be our own Chris Dorris. Chris will be showing videos of his recent trip with Blackbeard's to the Exumas. By his own admission, Chris is a relative newcomer to underwater photography, and is looking for any

Max Farley

and all suggestions on how to improve his skills. So be sure to mark your calendar, and come to the meeting on July 20th to see the results of Chris' efforts.



After two failed dry tests of the Suunto tank transmitters and tank pods, Suunto is recalling all the transmitters they have manufactured. The transmitter part numbers are SS019098000 and SS005397000, and the pod number is SS020306000. If you own any of these devices,

Scott Kennedy

your warranty will be upgraded for one year when you register with them at You can find details on how to proceed at

Our thanks to Phil Hampton for bringing this issue to us.