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President's Message

First and foremost, on behalf of myself and the E-Board, I sincerely hope that all of you made it through Irma relatively unscathed. Secondly, on behalf of all of the Barracudas, my thoughts and good wishes go out to all our friends in our beloved Caribbean who have suffered so much of late from Irma, and now Maria. My recommendation to you is to go to your charitable organization of choice, and make a monetary donation to the clean up and rebuilding of the islands. They desperately need it.

As a result of Irma's passage through Central Florida on September 10 nd 11, I made the command decision to cancel the September E-Board. Therefore, I didn't receive any reports or inputs from the E-Board members to put into this month's bulletin. However, I do have one piece of information to share with you, as follows:

Bill Little

The Tides, where we had planned to hold our 2017 Annual Barracuda Banquet and Officer Elections, was damaged in the storm, and will not be able to hold the banquet as planned. Beth Shaffer has been working tirelessly to find alternate accommodations for us so we can go ahead with the banquet. She has made arrangements with Siam Orchid in Cocoa Beach, and will be at this month's general meeting to share details with you. Please make certain to come to the meeting to hear what the new plans are. If you have already bought your tickets, they're still good. If you haven't, come to the meeting to purchase them. Let's have a good turnout so we can all seethat we're okay, and to express our thanks to Beth and Siam Orchid for putting things together on such short notice.

Again, I hope everyone is well and has at the very least begun to dig out from last week's events. See you at Thursday's meeting!