(Sheet music in button). On my walks, I have noticed the usual scattered random impressions in concrete sidewalks of things that could have fallen on the surface when wet, but they either weren't clear enough to be of interest, or were typical dog or footprints, or the mischievous scrawling of nicknames.

Then one day when I was looking down to load my camera, I spotted faint but distinct leaf prints. These weren't like partial or random marks, but total outlines that could only have been made with selection of leaves and careful pressing. As I started to kick away overlying debris, I found there was a large section of walk in this old neighborhood that had more than a dozen leaf patterns evenly spaced around the edge. No other square was like that, and so it had to have been done deliberately and not likely by the city crews or a hired contractor. I took pictures in soft light and later found they were clear enough to identify the species, much like real fossils in shale of extinct trees. I image some dedicated child finding and placing them there, at the right moment, and in the right conditions, years ago. By the way, if you count them there are 15 leaves or clusters (3 of them are completely "hiding").

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   Note: Border of the cover art is attributed to http://ikink.deviantart.com/