(Sheet music in button). This piece came about as a lucky "find." I was actually wanting to recall where around Greensboro was there a private garden that I had read in the paper some time ago the owners allowed people to visit in order to appreciate its sculptures. I called someone I thought might know, but he couldn't recall hearing of it, and I almost wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me. However, he had heard that a "new" park had been acquired north of town called Cove Creek, which might be of interest.

I found information on the internet and went there the first open Saturday after I found out about it. It turned out to be a densely and lovingly cultivated garden whose designers still give their horticultural attention to the grounds, and offer it for both enjoyment and teaching uses. I was present in wonderful morning light and since I had been looking for sculptures as subjects (taking earlier photos of random ones around town that left me dissatisfied), the title combines my focus with the name of the garden.

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   Note: Border of the cover art is attributed to http://ikink.deviantart.com/