(Sheet music in button). There is a site of a long-ago abandoned estate which survived the civil war, but later burned in a fire, and which has been the subject of several controversies but never redeveloped to blend with the surrounding vintage neighborhood. At its height, the original owners planted many special trees on the well-tended grounds, but all that is left are two huge magnolias and trails under a tangle of wisteria which has taken over the long-vanished lawns. Down one of these trails near the magnolias, pieces of old stone pillars can be found, that are all that remains now. The wisteria appears across the railroad in an adjacent historic neighborhood, and I like to believe the vines are related. Maybe wind or birds carried it from one to the other (but which way?).

A few architectural detail shots from the nearby area gave me an imaginary source of images to substitute for the vanished house. The piano music has note clusters for the hanging flowers, and pauses for reflection.

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