(Sheet music in button). There are often streams that run through parks in my area, or down long "islands" between twin streets in the older neighborhoods. Developers don't leave such features inside useable open space as much any more, unless the terrain is too steep to modify easily, which is a shame. Even small creeks with buffer zones can feel "far away" from civilization and hold playgrounds or furnish seats and bridge crossings, etc. along peaceful trails. The idea emerges from seeing many of them, that they are more than just water courses and "feeders" of the nature that they sustain. It turns out that by being a little more "difficult" or costly to pipe (at least sometimes!) they act as "guardians" of what would otherwise be buried and lost.

Musically, this piece may be the best (hopefully a bit haunting) melody of the whole group.

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   Note: Border of the cover art is attributed to http://ikink.deviantart.com/