The illustrations were not originally intended to be sheet music covers, but after doing several, I realized I had proportions that would work, except that they are 3/4 size. So if you want to print them on a color printer, they should be enlarged using 133%, but they might not be as sharp. At least on the web I hope they convey something of what was on my mind in writing the pieces. The texts reveal that some (not all) of the music scores have small stories behind them. By the way, earlier pieces that relate to things seen on walking trails include Hymn of the Oak (2000), Sandbars (2003), and Bridge to Somewhere (2005).

(You can go directly to the sheet music from the butterfly icon if you don't want to read the background explanations).

Essay (from a talk) on the purpose and meaning                   of music
And a similar thought (from reading)

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Surface Imprints
Missing Pieces
Bark Textures
Ruins of Dunleith
Cottage Arbors
Eyes in the Trees
Letter from Carra
Wood Gnarls
Dark Currents
Poetic Stones
Sculpture Cove

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