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Dance Links

  1. David Simonoff: His other and 'first' home page is defunct
  2. DS CD*NY's Contra Swing Country Dance*New York Home Page
  3. A Dance Listing A Dance Listing A somewhat extensive listing of dances, as well as several other things, encyclopedically arranged.
  4. Courtesy: Ted Crane's Balance and Swing Ted Crane's National Day of the Month Country Dance List A fairly comprehensive list: where you can dance any day of the year, plus such things as a mathematical approach to the contra dance, etc.
  5. The Folk Project of Northern New Jersey The Folk Project is a not-for-profit folk music and dance organization which sponsors or organizes a wide variety of folk-music related activities in the Northern New Jersey area.
  6. Handilinks A Complete Dance - Folk Directory, Dance - Folk Guide, and Index of Links related to Entertainment
  7. The Christmas Revels
  8. NYPFMC and CD*NY annually put together several special
    The New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club
  9. Sol Weber, the Roundman - See Pinewoods Folk Music Club
  10. Greenwich Morris Men We do morris dancing of the Cotswold tradition, from the village of Leefield, as well as stick dancing, and sword dancing. The team was founded over 20 years ago, and in 1991 visited its ancestral home. We have been featured in The New York Christmas Revels. By the way, did you know in what borough you will find the intersection of Greenwich and Morris Streets? (Hint: It's not Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island.)

  11. Ritual Dance A listing of New York ritual dance groups, including the Greenwich Morris Men, The Bouwerie Boys, Ring O'Bells, Half Moon Sword, and the Harpies. Also, American Morris Newsletter, etc.

  12. Dance news articles, etc.
    Articles of interest on dance, as culled from news papers, etc.
  13. David's Peculiar Things
  14. Cynthia Shaw's home page Cynthia Shaw: singer, pianist, musical director for the theatre, etc.

News Links

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  • Ha'Aretz (English edition)
    Haaretz (in English)
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    The Times of London
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  • Bloomberg's major news headlines from around the world

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