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ROUND SINGING AFFICIANADOS are invited to contact Sol "Roundman" Weberabout singing events, books and albums, etc. Check below for lots ofserious and fun info on these and related subjects, including the new website.
I've put together lots of info on musical items, serious andless so, so check it out and send copies to other possibly interestedfolks. Note the funny pieces that are BENEFIT ITEMS for Bob Blue. >(Do a good deed while having lots of fun!!) Here's the list, in its entirety.
Greetings, musical person. Here are lots of music items, some serious,some just for fun. Please check them out, and do forward all thisvaluable info to other afficionados. (And do put me in touch with them,if you like, for rounds-trading and other musical purposes.) Thanks.

(Note WEB ADDRESS info, near the end of this listing)
(...and note amusing BENEFIT ITEMS for Bob Blue, also near the end of this listing)

(See more items below.)CREDITS AND HIGH PRAISE for Sol and his books, album, and activities: Pete Seeger, Peter Schickele, CNN Cable News Network, NEW YORK Magazine, Village Voice, Folk Alliance, SING OUT Magazine, SallyRogers, Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand, Victory Review Magazine, ChristineLavin, Peter Berryman, Country Dance and Song Soc, OAKE (KodalyEducators), NEFFA News, and many more.
ACTIVITIES include round singing sessions by Sol alone and with the whole group, collecting rounds in network fashion, and major appearances at: CLEARWATER REVIVAL, OLD SONGS Festival, NEFFA (New England Folk Festival), NOMAD Festival, HERITAGE Festival, Long Island University FOLKFEST, Victoria's Revenge Dancefest, BEACON SLOOP CLUB, Fast Folk Cafe, People's Voice Cafe, Swarthmore College, and many more.

Thanks to Murray Spiegel, you can come visit our wonderful, nearly award-winning WEB SITE. It contains information on the Rounds book and our CD, sound clips from the CD, and kind accolades we've received, including sound clips from an admiring Christine Lavin. It also includes pointers to a lot of other web resources for singing rounds.You can also download high quality samples from AT&T's Digitalphono site.
Note that you'll have to download AT&T's (free) high quality player.
>Contact me with any questions. Send checks to address below. New York State residents, please add appropriate sales tax.Ask about quantity discounts.
+++Sol "Roundman" Weber --- "So many rounds, so little time"
+++25-14 37th St, Astoria, NY 11103
718-278-4389 (after 11am)++++++ Email Sol
+++++Urgent message? If no immediate response, pleasephone.
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