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English Morris Dancing is very old and very lively. It's also somewhat mysterious since no one knows exactly where it comes from or how it evolved.
(See Charles Darwin, The Origin of Morris ).
This particular form is Cotswold Morris from the southwest.
Each spring Morris dancers perform to celebrate the end of winter, when spring starts, the earth's reawakening, and to good bring good luck for the entire year. Although the styles of dance vary from village to village, all English Morris dancers are distinguished by bells on their legs, festive ribbons and outfits, waving handkerchiefs and clashing sticks.
No one is really sure. One of Shakespeare's history plays mentions it. Our team dates back over 20 years, and the exact origin of our team is lost in the midsts of recent antiquity. Such is the folk process.
The Greenwich Morris Men, founded in 1976, have performed all over the metropolitan area, the eastern seaboard from Vermont to the nation's capitol, and at many dance and music festivals, including the Clearwater Festival, the New England Folk Festival, and have even danced in England, where the team originated in Leefield in Oxfordshire.
Although the team is busiest in the spring, The Greenwich Morris Men have been featured in the The Christmas Revels for nearly many years.
Our repertoire is comprised mainly of Cotswold Morris in the Fieldtown tradition, as well as "Border Morris" dance from communities near the Welsh border, and long sword dances from the north of England.
If you have an event that requires something special, Morris dancing may be just the thing. We're available for hire and would love to dance for you. Email David .

The Greenwich Morris Men always welcome new dancers. If you are male and can count to two (four is preferable) and you don't mind being seen in public wearing bells and green and yellow ribbons, then we would be delighted to have you join us. Email as above.

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