The Handbook is designed to meet the needs of prosumers and professionals who are currently shooting with one of the DV or HDV formats. It is a comprehensive introduction to CCDs, MPEG-2, HDV, shooting with the GZ-HD7, HD post-production, and distribution on HD videotape, DVDs, high definition DVD, and 35mm film.

Thanks to Steve... Every Mac/HD7 user... It's worth buying his handbook. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago. Then I read something on the DVINFO forum (posted by Steve) that prompted me to review his section on iMovie08. His instructions work flawlessly. You WILL be so glad you bought this book. I have had so many second thoughts about getting the HD7. I bought it 1 hour after I discovered the announcement about iLife08 only to be extremely annoyed by lack of support for JVC HDD cams. Steve's work around is brilliant. (The main reason I joined this forum is to tell you all it's a worthwhile purchase!) Have I convinced you yet?? Cheers & happy importing!

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The first four chapters introduce the technology you will be using when you shoot and edit with the GZ-HD7.

Chapter 1: All About CCDs
Chapter 2: All About MPEG-2
Chapter 3: All About HDV
Chapter 4: Analog Audio Connections
Chapters 5 introduces the skills necessary for working with JVC’s GZ-HD7 camcorder.
Chapter 5: GZ-HD7 Shooting Guide
Chapter 6 covers in-field production workflows.
Chapter 6: Backup and Achieve
Chapter 7 covers HD editing workflows including: iMovie HD, iMovie 08, FCE, FCP, Studio v11 Plus/Ultimate, Liquid, Xpress Pro, Media Composer, VideoStudio 11.5 Plus, EDIUS, Premiere Pro CS3, and Vegas.
Chapter 7: Editing Workflows
Chapter 8 details the use of 1080i to release on several types of HD media.
Chapter 8: 1080 to HD Movies, High-definition DVDs, and Film
There are several reasons why those shooting 720p50/720p60 or 720p25/720p30 with JVC’s ProHD camcorders are interested in using the JVC GZ-HD7 as a “B camera.”
Chapter 9: Conversion to 720p60
While Progressive HD displays are now the norm, interlace HD is most prevalent HD format. To properly display interlace video, it must be deinterlaced correctly. Chapter 10 explains how to choose the best flat-screen display.
Chapter 10: Choosing a Flat-panel Display
Appndix A not only covers editing GZ-HD7 video with iMovie 08, it covers editing DV, HDV, and AVCHD with iMovie 08.
Appendix A: Editing HD TOD Files with iMovie 08