The Handbook is designed to meet the needs of prosumers and professionals who are currently shooting with one of the DV formats. It is not an “HDV for Dummies” book that simply expands upon the often poorly written camcorder manuals. Rather, it is a comprehensive introduction to ProHD technology, HD shooting, HD post-production, and distribution on HD videotape, DVDs, high definition DVD, and 35mm film.

I purchased Steve's book and would certainly recommend it. it was well worth the money. My HD100 arrived a week after I purchased the book and it certainly help me "jump start" my knowledge base and capability of the camera and HD in general. That was 3 weeks ago, without the book I would still be on week 1. I don't think you can go wrong, especially at his price point.

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The first four chapters introduce the JVC ProHD family.

Chapter 1: All About ProHD

Chapter 2: Introduction to the JVC ProHD Family

Chapter 3: ProHD Family Shooting Guide

Chapter 4: ProHD Family Image Control Options

Chapter 5 introduces you to the ways you can connect a member of the ProHD Family to your editing system.

Chapter 5: ProHD Family Set-up and Connections

Chapter 6 covers ProHD editing workflows. Each workflow provides a solution to the problems created by the inordinate computational power required to work with HD MPEG-2.

Chapter 6: ProHD Editing Workflows

The six Appendices provide additional information on computers, working with audio, plus supplementary information on HDTV.

Appendix A: Introduction to Digital Video and Audio

Appendix B: Analog Audio Connections

Appendix C: Image Capture Technology

Appendix D: Incorporate Legacy Video

Appendix E: 720 to HD Movies, Blu-ray, and Film

Appendix F: Choosing a Flat-panel Display