High-definition video is the future in video production, and Sony’s new camcorders put the revolution within reach of more people than ever before. “Steve Mullen makes the features of the Sony HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1 camcorders comprehensible, accessible, and above all highly useable for anyone looking to work high-definition video. In a convenient PDF eBook format, we anticipate Steve’s guide to be the ultimate resource for new owners of Sony’s cutting-edge HDV equipment.”

The eBook explains how the technology works, then details how to best set up, shoot, and move footage from your camcorder to your editing system. It also explores various editing workflows as well as the methods for distributing high-definition video productions. It is a complete guide to HDV technology, HD production, and HDV post-production using Sony’s HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 camcorders.

The book’s technology and post-production sections are fully relevant to the Sony HVR-A1 HDV camcorder. To further support HVR-A1 users, the Production chapters provide pointers on the use of this light-weight HDV camcorder.

I'm reading it now myself and it also is helping me out.

The 272-page eBook can be purchased using PayPal, and credit cards from Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. All types of payment are processed securely through Scribe.com.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Video and Audio

Chapter 2: All About MPEG-2

Chapter 3: All About HDV

Chapter 4: Image Capture Technology

Chapter 5: Introduction to Your HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1

Chapter 6: Setting-up Your HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1

Chapter 7: HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 Shooting Guide

Chapter 8: HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 Making Connections

Chapter 9: HDV Workflows

Chapter 10: Working with HDV and Film

Appendix A: HD Formats

Appendix B: Analog Audio Connections

Appendix C: Sony Single Image Sensor Technology

Appendix D: CineFrame 25 and CineFrame 30

Appendix E: CineFrame 24