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Bogan Restoration Services - Specializing in John Deere Bicycles

Specializing in John Deere Bicycles

Restore, buy, sell, and trade vintage bicycles, pedal cars, toys, and metalware.

Owned and operated by John Bogan

Did you know Deere & Company ever sold bicycles? For two periods; first in the late 1800s and then from 1973 to 1975.

In 1894, Deere & Webber Company, the Deere sales branch in Minneapolis, ordered 1,000 bicycles of which two were non-Deere brands, the Tribune and Peerless, and three brands were manufactured in Chicago under the Deere name: Deere Leader, Deere Roadster, and the Moline Special. Additional models introduced in 1899 were the Reindeer and Fawn. By the turn of the century, Deere was out of the bicycle trade.

In 1972, Deere re-entered the bicycle market with a line of Deere bicycles; these bikes were sold from 1973 to 1975, although some were sold only one or two years. Deere bicycles came in the following colors and styles:

20" Yellow Hi-Rise, boys and girls models
26" 3-Speed, Green with Yellow trim, man and lady's models
26" 3-speed, Blue, man and lady's models
27" 5-Speed, White with green/yellow trim, universal frame
27" 10 speed, black with yellow trim, man's racer
27" 10 speed, white, man's racer

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Here's a sample of the miracles John performs: 1938 Roadmaster

John Deere Bikes For Sale, Fully Restored To "Show Condition".

Inventory changes rapidly.

Currently Searching For:

John Deere Yellow Boys or Girls; Complete or Parts
John Deere White Racer, 10 speed

Bicycle Head badges, All Types


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