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The sequence is from left to right.

This 28 000 cu ft balloon was built in 24 hours at the Carolina's Balloon Association's Safety Seminar in Charlotte, January 1999. It is a Boland balloon - construction was supervised and directed by Brian and Louise Boland.

Brian is terrified at what lies ahead

Fabric is sorted into gores

Basket parts are laid out

Everyone gets to work

Practice sewing first!!!

Sewing panels into gores

Basket floor takes shape

Support cables are crimped securely

Floor is assembled

Fuel hoses are assembled

Kids help too

Basket sides are installed and are removable

More sewing!

Attaching burner and fuel tanks

Lay down for inflation

Envelope laid out

Inflation started

Filling the 28 000 cu ft


Brian hot inflates

Hot inflation

Inflated !

Brian, Helga, Louise and Kristie

The builders pack the envelope away

Kristie and Louise break out the champagne

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