Foucault Tester

This page contains pictures, and some time in the future, drawings of a Berry style Foucault tester I made for Bob Prabowa. The images with a dial gage were added 6/25/99. This upgrade allows the attachment of a dial gage to the tester. In some of the images the telescope has been removed and/or the tester is shown with the carriage removed. Photos courtesy of Bob.

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Since I built the tester in the pictures above I have designed a new tester that incorporates a lamp module of the same type I used in my LED flashlight that can be viewed on this site. I also did away with the round dial gauge and installed a commercial 2" dial gauge to the rear of the assembly. I replaced the solid rod with a threaded rod that does double duty as the hinge point for moving the knife edge as well as moving the upper carriage. Below are some CCD images and a zip file with thirteen drawings of the device. These are not CAD drawings but fairly decent hand drawn work that I scanned and touched up a bit. These were done 600 dpi and were a bit on the hefty side so I reduced them down five times. The zip file is about 321K! Sorry but my wrist just aren't up to doing that many CAD drawings now. Maybe never. Included with the drawings is a list of the files and what each drawing covers. A text file about the testers construction is included as well in the hopes of clearing up any potential confusion about construction for those who might want to make one of these things.

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Foucault Tester Zip file!TESTER.ZIP