A Little Bit About Me:

I live in Orange County, California, USA, where I work as a computer technician and teacher. I attend Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church, the barycenter of my spiritual and social life, and I am also connected with the University of Santa Monica, home of Insight Seminars, an extraordinary program for personal growth and living from your heart. Insight has formed the basis for which I live my life and direct my business.

I am currently self-employed, having for years offered user-friendly and “Heart-Centered” Computer Repair, Diagnosing, and Tutoring Services to my community. I find imparting computer knowledge to others and solving difficult problems extremely rewarding.

My “Heart-Centered” philosophy is one of loving and compassion, which I see as distressingly rare in the world of computer “techies”. The #1 complaint I hear from my clients is that other compter experts, instead answering their questions and solving their problems, they bewilder them with techincal language and jargon, then charge $200 for being utterly incoherent.

My life mission is to take the fear and mystery out of computers and make them accessable and understandable to the average user. I am friendly and patient with my clients, I don’t talk in “geek-speak” but use ordinary English wherever possible and define my terms, and I exhibit empathy and compassion, because I remember what it’s like to be a perplexed computer novice.

My “Heart-Centered” approach to my business and my life in general has grown out of friendship with the beautiful people of my UU church, as well as my experiences with the Insight Seminars. These positive influences have taught me to conduct my life with kindess, caring, and compassion, and to embrace a philosophy of Partnership with other people, rather than the “Dominator Thinking” so prevalent in our current Dog-Eat-Dog, “Me”-oriented society.

Outside my vocation of computers, I have several areas of interest. I am a published author who finds writing fulfilling and exhilarating!

I am also involved with Toastmasters, an organization that helps develop public speaking and leadership skills. Toastmasters has done more than I can say to help develop my confidence as a communicator and a leader, and to be a “Computer Techy” who is also a “People Person”. I have been in Toastmasters for about years, and I have achieved the high communication award, “Advanced Toastmaster Gold”, and I won my Area’s Humorous Speech Contest in 2003. I have served in almost every leadership role at the Club level, including President, and I served as Area Governor 2004-2005.

Beside my achievements, I also have several “just for fun” interests. One is what I like to refer to as “LINOs”, which stands for “Lizards In Name Only”. This refers to any group of prehistoric beast that is usually classified as reptiles or “Great Fossil Lizards”, but which in fact possesses many very un-reptillian characteristics. Among the most prominent “LINOs” are the Dinosaurs (including the very bird-like Theropods), the Pterosaurs or flying “reptiles”, and the Therapsids or mammal-like “reptiles”. “LINOs” figure strongly into my fiction writings, in which I assume that they are much smarter and more sophisticated than assumed by mammocentric humans. For some contemporary visual examples of the non-reptileness of Dinosaurs, try visiting the home page of artist Luis Rey.

My other interests include: Astronomy, Music, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and Chess, primarily Woman’s Chess. — As an unabashed male feminist, I’ve enjoyed watching the emerging society of gals, as brainy as they are sexy, who are shaking up the traditionally macho (as well as nerdy) world of Chess! I run an online discusson forum on Woman’s Chess and follow the careers of the “Queens of the King’s Game”, particularly Judit Polgar, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Jennifer Shahade.

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