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Oz 2.0: The Saga Continues!

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Portal to Charles Phipps' Oz Universe

"The Umbrella Man of Oz" Universe by Charles Phipps

The adventures of Milo Starling, a mild-mannered, magic umbrella-bearing Kentucky minister who finds himself living in Oz and courting its lovely ruler, Ozma. (More info. and links coming soon!

Books in the series:

  1. The Wooing of Ozma
  2. The Engagement of Ozma
  3. The Marriage of Ozma

Portal to Dave Hardenbrook's Oz Universe

"Dan in Oz" Universe by Dave Hardenbrook

An alternate Ozziverse in which the beautiful Queen Ozma is courted by a lovable computer geek from Los Angeles. Also in the cast of non-standard characters are Jellia Jamb the sassy Emerald City palace maid with a magic feather duster, Gyma a teacher of high sorcery, and a lot of dinosaurs.

Books in the series:

  1. The Unknown Witches of Oz
  2. Jellia, Maid of Oz
  3. That Ozzy Feeling

Future Portal to Mike Conway's Oz Universe "The Changing Beasts of Oz" Universe by Mike Conway

Info. and links coming soon!

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