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These are some examples of my computer work outside my main repair/troubleshooting/tutoring field, showcasing my marvelous versatility.

3D Animation

I grew up fascinated by animation. My parents would periodically allow me to rent 16mm Disney films from our local library, and would marvel at the artwork, resolving to do some of it myself. When I was in junior high, I created several stop-action animations using an 8mm movie camera, some with 2D cut-outs and some with 3D dolls (think Rankin-Bass’ Christmas specials).

With my first graphics PC, I discovered 3D animation, and a new hobby that fulfilled my childhood dream like nothing else had. Below are stills from some of my animations.

I hope soon to have a lot more web space, so I can host animation clips myself, but for now I have provided preview images, and links to where I have currently posted the animations on Dailymotion.com. I am available to do freelance 3D animation work, and anyone who likes what they see here can E-mail me at: DaveH47SPAMGOHOME@gmail.com (Please remove ‘SPAMGOHOME’ from the address).

Nonestica: The Movie

Follow the Yellow Brick Road in this NASA-esque fly-thru of the magical continent of the Marvelous Land of Oz. The Emerald City, Glinda’s palace, the Scarecrow’s farm-tower, and the mysterious Forest of Burzee are among the highlights.
Software Utilized: VistaPro, Imagine 3D, and Animation:Master.

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More to come in future!

Still Artwork

These are examples of my 3D artwork. Click on a title to see the image.
Software Utilized: Poser 5, Vue D’Espirit, VistaPro, Imagine, MojoWorld, and Corel Photopaint (post-processing).

“Emerald City” “Glinda, Sorceress of Oz” “Jellia, Maid of Oz” (Proposed Book Cover)
“Planet Nerrum” “Mermaid City” “Starship”

Web Design

This whole web site is itself an example of my Web Design skills. It was in its entirety meticulously and lovingly coded by hand in HTML.

Like what you see? Would you like to put my talents to work for you? Contact me!

Coming Soon:

Examples of my 3D animation (in full motion, as soon as I find a large chunk of web space to host the large movie files) and programming!

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