Davie County 1850 Census Index

This is an every-name alphabetical index giving page and line numbers in the original census.


MADDREEve25F 379B2alternative is MADRY or MADDRY
MADDREJames3/12M 379B5alternative is MADRY or MADDRY
MADDRELouiza2F 379B4alternative is MADRY or MADDRY
MADDREWilliam10M 379B3alternative is MADRY or MADDRY
MADDREWilliam S.42M 379B1alternative is MADRY or MADDRY
MAGEE      see MGEE
MARCHAlice4F 406A19 
MARCHDelitha32F 397B6 
MARCHGiles25M 397B5 
MARCHMary6F 406A18 
MARCHMary50F 405A2 
MARCHSilas5M 391A42 
MARCHWilliam54M 405A1 
MARCHWilliam B.30M 406A17 
MARKLINAnn20F 396A2alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINEmeline4F 396A41alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINEsther30F 396A40alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINGeorge11M 396A38alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINJohn35M 396A1alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINLouiza18F 396A37alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINMary53F 396A35alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINMathew20M 396A36alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINPaulina24F 396B1alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINWilliam1/12M 396A42alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINWilliam3M 396B2alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARKLINWilliam J.45M 396A39alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINAnna40F 401A4alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINCatharine10F 430A42alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINEliza8F 401A6alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINJoel6M 401A7alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINJohn12M 430A41alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINJohn M.38M 401A3alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINJosephine7F 430B1alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINMalinda38F 430A38alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINMary10F 401A5alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINMehetabel14F 430A40alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINSarah6/12F 401A8alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINTemperance5F 430B2alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLINThomas15M 430A39alternative spelling is MARKLAND
MARLOWPatience42F 437A34 
MARLOWSamantha4F 437A37 
MARLOWShields1M 437A38 
MARLOWSyrintha10F 437A36 
MARLOWWashington23M 437A35 
MARLOWWilliam54M 437A33 
MARSHALElizabeth35F 382B9 
MARSHALIsaac5/12M 382B14 
MARSHALJames56M 382B8 
MARSHALJames7M 382B12 
MARSHALMary9F 382B11 
MARSHALRobert12M 382B10 
MARSHALSarah5F 382B13 
MARTINAnna42F 438B13 
MARTINBenjamin11M 421B3 
MARTINCatharine4F 421B15 
MARTINEdith33F 411A35 
MARTINElijah33M 411A34 
MARTINElijah3M 411A38 
MARTINEliza11F 406A30 
MARTINEliza4F 438B18 
MARTINEsther12F 438B15 
MARTINJames6M 438B17 
MARTINJames F.52M 406A26 
MARTINJane7F 421B14 
MARTINJohn18M 406A28 
MARTINJohn2M 421B2 
MARTINJohn G.25M 421A42 
MARTINLucinda32F 421B12 
MARTINLydia15F 438B14 
MARTINMartha37F 406A27 
MARTINMartha9F 406A31 
MARTINMary10F 421B13 
MARTINMehetabel33F 421B1 
MARTINNathaniel2M 406A32 
MARTINPleasant R.16M 411A41 
MARTINRebecca9F 411A37 
MARTINRebecca10F 438B16 
MARTINRoena13F 406A29 
MARTINWilliam12M 399B27 
MARTINWilliam46M 438B12 
MARTINWilliam10M 411A36 
MARTINWilson35M 421B11 
MASONAbner10M 439B30 
MASONAmos6M 439B32 
MASONDovey3F 439B33 
MASONElizabeth40F 401A10 
MASONElizabeth37F 439B27 
MASONElizabith16F 439A36 
MASONGrief9M 418B29 
MASONGrief G.40M 418B26 
MASONHenderson45M 401A9 
MASONJames5M 418B30 
MASONJane40F 418B27 
MASONJulia1F 418B32 
MASONLaura1F 439B34 
MASONLouiza19F 439A35 
MASONMargaret17F 439B28 
MASONMargaret A.16F 427A26 
MASONMartha42F 439A33 
MASONMartha1F 439B35 
MASONMary12F 418B28 
MASONMary8F 439B31 
MASONMilton3M 439A37 
MASONMilus20M 439A34 
MASONRichard P.46M 439A32 
MASONThomas18M 401A11 
MASONThomas F.41M 439B26 
MASONWilliam3M 418B31 
MASONWilliam15M 439B29 
MASSEYDaniel16M 420A34 
MASSEYHenery15M 420A36 
MASSEYIsham17M 420A33 
MASSEYJane43F 414B24 
MASSEYJohn66M 414B23 
MASSEYJohnty30M 414B28 
MASSEYJohnty7M 420A38 
MASSEYMary8/12F 414B30 
MASSEYMary12F 420A35 
MASSEYPenelopee36F 420A32 
MASSEYSarah21F 414B29 
MASSEYSarah4F 420A39 
MASSEYThomas10M 420A37 
MASSEYWilliam37M 420A31 
MAXWELLJohn62M 430A18 
MAXWELLLoueza50F 430A19 
MAYDavid L.35M 390A37 
MAYElizabeth31F 390A38 
MAYJohn3M 390A42 
MAYNoland7M 390A40 
MAYSamuel5M 390A41 
MAYunnamed6/12F 390B1 
MAYWilliam9M 390A39 
McBRIDEEsther9F 386B7 
McBRIDEJohn32M 385A27 
McBRIDELenard47M 386B1 
McBRIDELucetta4/12F 386B9 
McBRIDEMartha2F 386B8 
McBRIDENancy38F 386B2 
McBRIDESarah11F 386B6 
McBRIDESarah A.5F 382B1 
McBRIDETheopolus16M 381B26 
McBRIDETheopolus15M 386B5 
McCAMROCHJohn17M 420B39see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHMartha14F 420B40see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHMartin19M 420B38see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHMary27F 420B36see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHRease11M 420B41see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHSarah50F 420B35see also McCLAMROCH
McCAMROCHThomas22M 420B37see also McCLAMROCH
McCARTERChestina10F 414B5 
McCARTERElizabeth23F 421A38 
McCARTEREzekiel35M 421A37 
McCARTERGeorge2M 421A40 
McCARTERIsabella15F 423A7 
McCARTERLuzy5F 423A8 
McCARTERMaranda27F 414A17 
McCARTERMathew8M 418A29 
McCARTERWilliam4M 421A39 
McCLAMROCHChalmers4M 420B32 
McCLAMROCHFrances30F 420B28 
McCLAMROCHJames40M 420B27 
McCLAMROCHJoseph26M 400B18 
McCLAMROCHJulius9M 420B29 
McCLAMROCHLetitia21F 400B19 
McCLAMROCHLucius7M 420B30 
McCLAMROCHMary6F 420B31 
McCLAMROCHThomas5/12M 400B20 
McCLAMROCHunnamed10/12F 420B33 
McCLANANAnna80F 384A17 
McCLANANEdney15F 383A37 
McCLANANFrances43F 384A18 
McCLANANJohn7M 384A12 
McCLANANManerva1F 384A14 
McCLANANMary36F 383A35 
McCLANANMary5F 383A39 
McCLANANMary8F 384A11 
McCLANANMathew13M 383A38 
McCLANANMatilda33F 384A9 
McCLANANSarah10F 384A10 
McCLANANWilliam5M 384A13 
McCOYEliza26F 380B29 
McCOYJosiah30M 380B28 
McCOYJosiah1M 380B30 
McCRACKENRose40F 403A8 
McCRACKENSarah9F 409A8 
McCRACKENWilliam14M 403A9 
McCULLOHAlfred56M 401B13 
McCULLOHAmanda1/12F 401A24 
McCULLOHCharles16M 401B18 
McCULLOHCharlotte28F 413B19 
McCULLOHEliza3F 401A22 
McCULLOHElizabeth55F 428A10 
McCULLOHElizabeth14F 401B19 
McCULLOHGeorge18M 401B17 
McCULLOHHenry38M 428A11 
McCULLOHHenry5M 401A21 
McCULLOHJames31M 413B18 
McCULLOHJane54F 401B14 
McCULLOHJohn26M 401A19 
McCULLOHMary21F 401B15 
McCULLOHMehetabel23F 401A20 
McCULLOHRebecca21F 401B16 
McCULLOHSarah3/12F 413B20 
McCULLOHStokes2M 401A23 
McDANIELAlfred21M 398A12 
McDANIELAlfred13M 440B18 
McDANIELAllen45M 397A5 
McDANIELAllen2M 397A13 
McDANIELAmanda11F 397A8 
McDANIELAmanda16F 418B19 
McDANIELAsbury20M 435B2 
McDANIELBarbary31F 435B1 
McDANIELCaroline14F 440B17 
McDANIELEdith7F 399A39 
McDANIELElenor15F 399A33 
McDANIELEli7M 397A11 
McDANIELEli1/12M 415A38 
McDANIELElijah15M 435B4 
McDANIELElizabeth17F 399A32 
McDANIELElizabeth20F 440B15 
McDANIELEmily8/12F 399A42 
McDANIELGeorge8M 397A10 
McDANIELGeorge12M 414B34 
McDANIELGeorge11M 415A36 
McDANIELHenry2M 399A41 
McDANIELHenry39M 435A42 
McDANIELIcy10F 414B35 
McDANIELJames11M 399A37 
McDANIELJames50M 398A10 
McDANIELJane1F 418B18 
McDANIELJohn36M 414B31 
McDANIELJohn3M 418B17 
McDANIELJoseph29M 418B14 
McDANIELJoseph17M 440B16 
McDANIELLetha A.32F 440B14 
McDANIELLetitia10F 397A9 
McDANIELLewis22M 439B36 
McDANIELLewis6M 397A12 
McDANIELLouiza7F 414B36 
McDANIELLucinda12F 399A36 
McDANIELMary27F 439B37 
McDANIELMary8F 399A38 
McDANIELMary12F 397A7 
McDANIELMary54F 421B42 
McDANIELMary35F 422B33 
McDANIELMary11F 422B35 
McDANIELNancy38F 399A30 
McDANIELNaomi37F 415A35 
McDANIELNathan9M 415A37 
McDANIELNathan9M 418B16 
McDANIELRachel35F 414B32 
McDANIELRebecca30F 397A6 
McDANIELSamuel17M 435B3 
McDANIELSarah44F 398A11 
McDANIELSarah13F 399A35 
McDANIELSarah3F 414B37 
McDANIELSolomon45M 399A29 
McDANIELSusan30F 418B15 
McDANIELSusannah6/12F 439B38 
McDANIELSusannah14F 399A34 
McDANIELunnamed2/12F 397A14 
McDANIELWalker5M 399A40 
McDANIELWilliam19M 399A31 
McDANIELWilliam14M 414B33 
McDANIELWilliam29M 415A34 
McDANIELWilliam13M 422B34 
McGEE      see MGEE
McGLAUHORNElias2M 420B21 
McGLAUHORNElizabeth38F 420B16 
McGLAUHORNGeorge40M 420B15 
McGLAUHORNJane12F 420B18 
McGLAUHORNSarah14F 420B17 
McGLAUHORNScely5F 420B20 
McGLAUHORNSpeer7M 420B19 
McGUIRECornelia21F 408A6 
McGUIREElenor4F 410B25 
McGUIREEliza30F 410B22 
McGUIREHorace1M 410B26 
McGUIREJames21M 413A13 
McGUIREMary23F 408A5 
McGUIREMinty66F 408A4 
McGUIRESarah55F 413A12 
McGUIRESarah11F 410B23 
McGUIRETimothy30M 410B21 
McGUIREWilliam9M 410B24 
McHENERYTerrissa22F 431A27 
McKINNISCrissman8/12M 376B17 
McKINNISDorothy46F 376B6 
McKINNISGilbert10M 376B12 
McKINNISHouston18M 376B7 
McKINNISJasper12M 376B10 
McKINNISJohn46M 376B5 
McKINNISJulia17F 376B8 
McKINNISLydia3F 376B16 
McKINNISMargaret5F 376B15 
McKINNISMartha8F 376B13 
McKINNISNewton12M 376B11 
McKINNISSally16F 376B9 
McKINNISSusannah6F 376B14 
McMACHANHarman H.25M 384A30alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANJane26F 384A31alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANMalina16F 384A29alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANRachel55F 384A27alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANRachel2F 384A32alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANWilliam19M 384A28alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McMACHANWilliam1/12M 384A33alternative spelling is McMAHAN
McNEELYFrancis10M 404B30 
McNEELYJulius D.15M 404B29 
McNEELYMargaret51F 404B28 
McRORIEJohn48M 406B2 
McRORIEJohn3M 406B8 
McRORIEMargaret29F 406B3 
McRORIEMargaret5F 406B7 
McRORIEMaria9F 406B5 
McRORIEMartha7F 406B6 
McRORIEMary11F 406B4 
McRORIEThomas1M 406B9 
MERONEYCharles8M 406A40 
MERONEYDiannah44F 408B11 
MERONEYJohn20M 406A1 
MERONEYMargaret8F 408B14 
MERONEYMartha40F 429A41 
MERONEYMary42F 405B39 
MERONEYMary26F 405B41 
MERONEYPhilip16M 405B42 
MERONEYPhilip F.39M 406A38 
MERONEYSaphrona6F 408B15 
MERONEYSaphronia38F 406A39 
MERONEYTaleeferro2M 406A41 
MERONEYThomas16M 408B12 
MERONEYThomas J.53M 408B10 
MERONEYWilliam24M 405B40 
MERONEYWilliam13M 408B13 
MERRILLAlice8/12F 418A28 
MERRILLAmanda10F 418A25 
MERRILLElenor2F 418A27 
MERRILLElizabeth10F 418A24 
MERRILLJane3F 418A26 
MERRILLJonathan32M 418A22 
MERRILLMary32F 418A23 
MESLEYAlbert10M 383B26 
MESLEYDiannah17F 383B24 
MESLEYJesephine14F 383B25 
MESLEYJoseph9M 383B27 
MESLEYSarah43F 377B10 
MGEEAlvis23M 418B22McGEE or MAGEE?
MGEEAmanda17F 418B23McGEE or MAGEE?
MGEEGreen63M 418B20McGEE or MAGEE?
MGEEJane7F 418B25McGEE or MAGEE?
MGEERebecca45F 418B21McGEE or MAGEE?
MGEESarah13F 418B24McGEE or MAGEE?
MIKELBritton31M 400A37usual spelling is MICHAEL
MIKELCarmila5F 400A39usual spelling is MICHAEL
MIKELMargaret25F 400A38usual spelling is MICHAEL
MIKELSamuel2M 400A40usual spelling is MICHAEL
MILLERAnna90F 430B23 
MILLEREliza40F 410A42 
MILLERG.A.38M 410B1 
MILLERHenry8M 382A35 
MILLERHenry7M 386A32 
MILLERIda18F 410B2 
MILLERJacob34M 382A33 
MILLERJacob83M 404B42 
MILLERJacob C.31M 435B19 
MILLERJames6M 382A36 
MILLERJames8M 409B8 
MILLERJohn10M 386A31 
MILLERJohn5M 435B22 
MILLERJohn5M 409B9 
MILLERJonathan39M 386A29 
MILLERJulia4F 382A37 
MILLERLuther18M 377B37 
MILLERMary29F 382A34 
MILLERMary20F 386A30 
MILLERMary5F 386A33 
MILLERMary31F 435B20 
MILLERMary3F 435B23 
MILLERMary A.17F 429B41 
MILLERNancy43F 377B36 
MILLERNancy1/12F 386A35 
MILLERNancy30F 421B39 
MILLERRadford3M 386A34 
MILLERRebecca32F 409B7 
MILLERSarah2F 435B24 
MILLERThomas46M 377B35 
MILLERWilliam1M 382A38 
MILLERWilliam6M 435B21 
MILLERWilliam32M 409B6 
MILLERWilliam1M 409B10 
MILLERWilliam1M 421B40 
MILLERWilliam F.25M 421B38 
MINCEYDilcy21F 409A12 
MINCEYJane13F 409A14 
MINCEYJohn5M 409A16 
MINCEYMartha35F 409A11 
MINCEYMary18F 409A13 
MINCEYMoses38M 409A10 
MINCEYWilie9M 409A15 
MINCEYWilliam1M 409A17 
MINORCalvin10M 416A34 
MINORHenry19M 404B41 
MINORIsaiah13M 416A32 
MINORJehu6/12M 416A38 
MINORJohn38M 416A30 
MINORJohn12M 416A33 
MINORLoueza5F 416A36 
MINORMadison8M 416A35 
MINORMartha38F 416A31 
MINORWilliam3M 416A37 
MOCKCloe23F 395A3 
MOCKDelila60F 386B26 
MOCKElizabeth25F 386B27 
MOCKGeorge61M 386B25 
MOCKHenry19M 386B28 
MOCKMargaret2F 381B34 
MOCKSarah5F 395A4 
MOCKWilliam4M 381B33 
MOCKWilliam30M 395A2 
MOCKWilliam1M 395A5 
MOOREElizabeth13F 381B4 
MOOREHenry8M 390A9 
MOOREJohn6M 381B6 
MOOREJoshua3M 381B7 
MOORERebecca11F 381B5 
MOORESally43F 390A8 
MOORESarah36F 381B3 
MOOREWilliam40M 381B2 
MOOREWilliam Jr.21M 381B8 
MORELANDHenry33M 414A27 
MOTLEYElizabeth17F 424B21 
MOTLEYHenry20M 424B20 
MOTLEYHoratio45M 424B18 
MOTLEYJames11M 424B24 
MOTLEYMary13F 424B23 
MOTLEYNancy40F 424B19 
MOTLEYNancy15F 424B22 
MOTLEYWilliam9M 424B25 
MULLICANElizabeth13F 375B23 
MULLICANJohn38M 375B21 
MULLICANLewis11M 375B24 
MULLICANSarah45F 375B22 
MULLICANSarah9F 375B25 
MUMFORDFrances E.54F 434B35 
MUMFORDGiles29M 434B36 
MURDOCKJemima33F 413A22 
MURDOCKThomas35M 413A21 
MURDOCKWilliam4M 413A23 
MURRHJane19F 393B31 
MURRYMartha60F 430B10 
MYRESCatharine32F 397A2alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESConrad18M 416B21alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESElizabeth22F 442A41alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESElizabeth47F 416B19alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESElizabeth13F 416B23alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESHenry11M 416B24alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJames25M 396B41alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJane21F 416B20alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJesse28M 442A40alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJesse14M 382B23alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJohn28M 396B20alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJohn3M 397A3alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJohn49M 416B18alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESJohn16M 416B22alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESMargaret55F 396B19alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESMary30F 396B21alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESNancy10F 416B25alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESSarah22F 396B42alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESWesley17M 385B2alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESWilliam8/12M 442A42alternative spelling is MYERS
MYRESZadock33M 397A1alternative spelling is MYERS


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