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Information published on this site is copied, with permission, from History of Davie County in the Forks of the Yadkin, written by James W. Wall. Mr. Wall is a native of Davie County and a retired teacher from the Davie County School System. The first edition of History of Davie County was published in 1969. Mr. Wall's last update to his book was in 1997 and includes the history for Davie County from 1969 to 1994.

Mr. Wall did extensive research in preparation for writing the History of Davie County. His sources included archives from many North Carolina libraries, records maintained by the Courts, newspapers and periodicals, family letters and memorabilia, and interviews with Davie County historians. His five-year study resulted in a comprehensive and interesting account of Davie County beginning in the1700's when the first explorers recorded their impressions of the land and Indians, continuing with Davie County's influence on the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Mr. Wall relates the sites of historic significance to their present-day locations and refers to many surnames that are still recognized in Davie today. He concludes the book with a description of Davie townships and communities, and the agriculture and industry that lead to their establishment.

History of Davie County is available in the Public Library. In the Davie County Library, Mr. Wall has provided video and pictures related to his research for the book. Historical accounts in History of Davie County come to life with Mr. Wall's coloful descriptions, making this a great resource for students.

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