Daniel Boone was about seventeen years of age when his family moved to the Yadkin River in North Carolina about 1752. A hunter and explorer, he must have been very pleased with the excellent hunting here. He is said to have made a statement late in life to the effect that the Forks of the Yadkin was the best hunting area he ever saw.

On August 14, 1756, Daniel boone, age twenty-two, married Rebecca Bryan, age seventeen. She was the daughter of Joseph Bryan, oldest son of Morgan Bryan, Sr., who came to the Yadkin in 1748. Squire Boone, who was justice of the peace, performed the ceremony. Tradition tells that Daniel and Rebecca first lived in a cabin in Squire Boone's yard. It is said that they lived for about ten years near the fork of Sugartree (or Sugar) Creek some two miles east of Farmington on the present Bryant Smith farm on Rainbow Road.