Rice paper for
Surfboard Laminates

Silky Heavy Rice Paper

The rice paper of choice by the surf & screen print industries
for over 25 years. Superior quality rice paper for printing
surfboard laminates. Apply with resin, Silky papers become
invisible leaving graphic image.

Silky Papers - Size and weight variety
Silky Heavy Paper: P-92 size 25"x37" and P-216 size 31"x43"
Silky Medium Paper: P-55 size 25"x37"
ROLLS P-92R Silky heavy paper in 25" width.

Ordering and product info
InterWest - Global distributor for Silky rice papers
Order by phone 510-300-5585 or email us.
Contact: dba-interwest@mindspring.com
Payments- Visa, MC or PayPal. Contact us for current prices.
User tip sheet for Silky papers will be included with your order.

Full size sheets and rolls- UPS throughout the continental U.S.
Hawaii- USPS Priority Mail or UPS lower cost ground.
International customers- Priority Mail International.

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