The Great Franklin Pierce Debate

Was it the best of times? Was it the worst of times? Or was it just a complete waste of time?
Here, for the first time, is the behind-the-scenes email correspondence of the noted Franklin Pierce experts.

From: "Leopold, Todd"
To: "David Holzel"
Subject: Conversation on Pierce


Here is the transcript to an instant message conversation I just had with some kid who couldn't see the humor in the Pierce site:

BGA210 (4:18:16 PM): hey

TLeo (4:18:33 PM): do i know you?

BGA210 (4:18:54 PM): no, i am doing a report on Franklin Pierce and i was hoping you could help me out a little

BGA210 (4:19:05 PM): i sent you an email

TLeo (4:19:24 PM): I'll have to check that later. I'm at work and don't have ready access to AOL.

BGA210 (4:19:46 PM): could i ask u the questions now?

TLeo (4:19:56 PM): What do you need to know?

BGA210 (4:20:17 PM): The best and worst things that happened during his presidency

BGA210 (4:20:30 PM): one thing you would have done to make his presidencty better

TLeo (4:21:03 PM): Well, if I'm to answer in the spirit of the webpage, I'd say the worst thing to happen was that he got elected and the best thing to happen was that he left office four years later.

TLeo (4:21:32 PM): But seriously, I'd say the most important thing
not necessarily the best or worst was the Compromise of 1854

BGA210 (4:21:48 PM): would that be the best or worst though?

TLeo (4:22:16 PM): I don't know if you can classify it. It kept civil war away for a few years, but still made it inevitable.

BGA210 (4:22:31 PM): ok...

BGA210 (4:22:55 PM): well i need to answer the best and worst things that happened during his presidency...which should i put it under?

TLeo (4:23:01 PM): Believe me, I'm not really an expert on Franklin Pierce. My friends and I created the page partly as a joke, though we do want some serious discussion to come out of it.

BGA210 (4:23:15 PM): ok

BGA210 (4:23:48 PM): do u have a friend that could help me...or a good site?

TLeo (4:23:56 PM): This might be a little heavy for you, but try this:

BGA210 (4:24:06 PM): ok thanks

Sheesh. I'm glad we didn't start a Millard Fillmore page.


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