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And repository of presidential erudition of questionable value

A moving tribute to America's most obscure
(and best looking) president.

by noted experts
Benjamin Bratman,
David Holzel,
& Todd Leopold

"While a successful presidency eluded Franklin Pierce, the superior quality of his hair cannot be disputed. It is hair redolent with integrity, patriotism, judgment and, most importantly, small-town values."




Not Much About Franklin Pierce
Nifty facts. The Franklin Pierce Poll. The weather in Concord, New Hampshire. And a few important words about the noted experts.
Wrested From the Jaws of Triviality
It's hard work being obscure. The view from Buffalo. by Ben Bratman.
A Man For All Time
Through the sheer force of his mediocrity, Franklin Pierce would change America forever. by Todd Leopold
Franklin Pierce and the Jews
In which our hero becomes a latter-day Moses. by David Holzel

Yankee Doodler?
Somehow Franklin Pierce left office without a single blot on his record.

Pierce At Any Cost
A meditation on failure. by David Holzel

The Great Pierce Debate
Was it the best of times? Was it the worst of times? Or was it just a complete waste of time?

The Ballad of Franklin Pierce
Culled from the 1936 Hudbetty recording sessions, Hillsboro, N.H.

Franklin Pierce Quiz

How much do you really know? Put yourself to the test.


Successor Story
James Buchanan followed Franklin Pierce into the White House. Buchanan's Pyramid is the monument he inspired as a testament to his presidency, by Ben Bratman

First Schoolboys
The National Archives looks at the lives of the young presidents. Students can click on The Young Presidents. Mature audiences should run, not walk, to You're Going to Put Somebody's Eye Out. by David Holzel

 All the Presidents' Snacks
All the Presidents' Snacks
 The video that reveals what the presidents liked to nosh on while their finger was on the button.




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Amazing Facts
We could go on and on about Franklin Pierce and the facts that surround him. But we decided to stop at five.

George WashingTips
Fifteen of the 109 "Rules of Civility" that helped make George Washington father-of-his-country material. Imagine what they could do for you.

Forgotten Founders
They risked their necks by signing the Declaration of independence and didn't even get a lousy T-shirt.


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