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NEW Boy Wonder
 A[ Why Irving Brecher may be the most famous Hollywood name you never heard of. ]

Seder in Auschwitz
 A[ Preserving the memory of the Holocaust alongside the Exodus is to misremember the Shoah, Liora Gubkin argues ]

Hail to Thee, Fat Person
A[ With a song parody, Allan Sherman changed the world ]

Remembering Rabbi Sherwin Wine
[ There was no God in his world. What will his legacy be? ]

When in Doubt
A[ Jennifer Traig's pathological journey to Judaism ]

Journey to the Center of the Earth
A[ A new study of world values puts Israel smack dab in the middle ]

Nathan Englander in Black and White
[ Living with the unbearable urge to write ]

Making Out With Mara
[ A journey to the inner sanctum of classic rock's high priestess, Mara Davis ]

Life of the Party
[ Looking through Communism's special glasses with Harvey Klehr ]

My Lunch with Andrei
[ Soup and cabbage with poet Andrei Codrescu ]