Tamale Man

Do you remember the "Tamale Man"? The street vendor who pushed a handcart down through town while shouting, "Tamales, get your hot Tamales!" I remember scraping up enough coin to buy one of those things a couple of times. Warm and soggy, wrapped in corn shucks and hot, hot, hot! What a trip! I don't think he lasted very long, as I don't remember him coming back more than a few times.


Nazi Code?

Remember those little square signs in the windows to tell the iceman how much ice you wanted put in the old Icebox. Were they really put there to communicate with the iceman or were they really secret Nazi codes to tell the enemy where our soldiers were during the war?



Freight Delivery?

Who was that "colored" guy that pushed the hand truck, with the trunk on it, all over town? Who was he, and what did he have in that trunk? What was he doing and what was his business? Of course we all know he was delivering freight from the depot. Right? Was he really? Do you really know or are you just guessing? Can you just imagine for a moment what would happen if someone was seen on the street, in any town in the USA, pushing an old rubber tired hand truck with a big black steamer trunk on it? Talk about instant detainment! And most probably containment in the local jail if the proper ID and permits could not be produced. Can't you just see the crowd this scene would draw while the local gendarmes searched through a trunk full of clothes or other stuff looking for a reason to bust the poor guy. Anyway, I have no idea what the guy was doing but he could always be seen somewhere around town.



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