Imaging equipment


  • Astro-physics 7" f/9 used for all images unless otherwise noted.


  • SBIG ST-4
    Used on Comet S/L9 impact on Jupiter image. 2 second exposure at f/120.

  • SBIG ST-5
    Used on Lunar Straight Wall and Mars image.

  • SBIG ST-8
    Used on most deep sky and comet images.

    Mounting and drive corrector

    Mounting was custom built by Edward Byers with a 11 5/16" RA gear and a tangent arm for declination. Drive corrector is a microprocessor controlled unit of my own design and construction. The drive system frequently exhibits less than 2 arc-secs of periodic error for exposures of up to 60 minutes.

    Image processing

    Processing was done with SBIG's CCDOPS and mosaic combining and unsharp masking was done with Adobe Photo-Shop.