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Larry “Harris” Taylor, Ph.D.

Diving Safety Coordinator

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Email:  divegeek


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My students tell me that I do NOT teach scuba.  They say I live and preach the  “Gospel according to “Harris:”

“In all diving situations, the knowledgeable, physically fit diver has more fun!”

This site is assembled in the spirit of that gospel.

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About "Harris": Background info, logo & names, photo gallery,  SETI @ home, &  site awards

Dive Articles: Articles spanning more than three decades of teaching

"War Stories" Short presentations used as teaching examples

Editorials: Some personal opinions & observations

Links: ~ 6800 links;  plus various diving subsets  (validated monthly)

Slides: Selected lecture slides on specialty topics (in PDF Format)

Resources: Diving Bibliographies: Lists of dive resources  from my personal diving library

Salutation: Dive Long &  Prosper- My traditional closing salutation

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About "Harris"     Articles     Slides     War Stories      Biblios     Editorials     Links     Site Map     Fini

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