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Larry “Harris” Taylor, Ph. D.

Diving Safety Coordinator

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Email:  divegeek

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These are pdf representations of selected lectures and specialty courses.

DrySuit Diving: This is the lecture portion of my academic course in dry suit diving. The "Not Being Cold" portion is an extended version of slides furnished to me by Dick Long at DUI.

Friday Night Review: In the academic world, the class is often finished a full semester before the open water. This is the review session used on the Friday night before the open water.

Oxygen Enriched Air (EANx): This is the lecture portion of my academic course for oxygen enriched air (Nitrox).

Oxygen Provider: This is an augmented (based on DAN slides furnished to instructors) course with an extended lecture suitable for the academic community.

Why I Don't Train Kids: This is the talk I gave at Our World Underwater on my rationale for not training anyone under the age of 18.


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