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Larry “Harris” Taylor, Ph. D.

Diving Safety Coordinator

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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PowerPoint  Presentations

These are the illustrations used in selected articles that appear on my web site. 

I hope that users remember that illustrations in a slide show are, by themselves, memory keys for the speaker and, as such, are inherently incomplete. A total presentation is the sum of the images projected and the comments of the presenter. Since the illustrations are only part of a complete package, the author assumes no liability for their use.

The presentations are given in the interests of sharing with the diving community and therefore, the use of these materials, in whole, or in-part, for commercial projects or products is specifically denied.

All rights retained.

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 Name  # Slides


Friday Night Review 


         6. 7    M

The Primitive Brain


         0.49   M

Reading Rivers


         1.29   M

Why I Don't Train Kids


         3.93   M

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 Name  # Slides


Friday Night Review 


            7.0    M

The Primitive Brain       8

            0.54  M

Reading Rivers     31

            1.39  M

Why I Don't Train Kids    64

            4.06  M

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Friday Night Review 

6. 4    M

The Primitive Brain 0.36   M
Reading Rivers 1.16  M
Why I Don't Train Kids 3.59   M

For those without PowerPoint , a  free PowerPoint Viewer is available from Microsoft. 


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