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Larry “Harris” Taylor, Ph.D.

Diving Safety Coordinator

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Email:  divegeek


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 About the "River Rat" 


 Alert Diver Article


Brain Awareness Week Exhibit
 Molecules & Diving

My Distributed Computing

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 Articles (HTML) 


 2000 Feet Below Lake Erie
 Air Lift Device

An Aluminum Alloy 6531 Cylinder Crack
 Archimedes, A Gold Thief & Buoyancy
 At-Altitude Arithmetic
 Battle Royale
 BC's Are NOT Weight Belt Compensators
 Brief History Of Mixed Gas Diving

Calculating Gas Density At Depth
 Dive Table Comparisons

Diver's Guide To Nitrogen Species
 Dry Suit Maintenance
 Eanx History
 Estimating Air (Breathing Gas) Consumption
 An Exercise For Reducing No-Mask Anxiety

Experiences With The SeaDoo Bombardier DPV

The Friday Night Review
 Gas Laws Primer

Handling "Doubles"
 Hula Hoops and Buoyancy Control
 Illuminating A Dive Flag At Night

An Inexpensive Scuba Cylinder Storage Rack
 Liftbags and Life

Navigation: Data Gathering (Surveying) Tools)

Navigation: Measuring Underwater Distance

Navigation: A Near Shore Mapping Exercise

Navigation: Near Shore Mapping: Adding Objects To The Contour

Navigation: Swim Noodles As Dive Markers

Navigation: Underwater Laser Equipped "Yardstick"

 Not Being Cold
 O2 Cleaning: Harsh Realities

"Odd Stuff" I Sometimes Carry To The Dive Site
 One Giant Step: Divers of WET F

Oxygen Provider: Concerns About Oxygen Toxicity

 Oxygen Provider: Higher O2 Concentration Pocket Mask

Oxygen Provider: Live Breathing Exercise

Oxygen Provider: The Oxygen Administration "Ritual"

Oxygen Provider: Concentrations, Grades and Labels

 Oxygen Provider: Oxygen Therapy Equipment

 Oxygen Provider: Rx: Oxygen

 Oxygen Provider: Why 100% Oxygen Is A Dive Site Necessity
 Physics Problems-Set 1
 Physics Problems-Set 1 Answers

Physics Problems-Set 2

Physics Problems-Set 2 Answers

Pool Toys & Games

Practical Buoyancy Control

Practical Ear "Clearing"
 River Diving: Current Navigation
 River Diving Equipment
 River Diving Technique
 River Diving: Reading Rivers
 Solving Dive Physics Problems
 Stalking The Great Snow Pike
 Things Your Instructor May NOT Have Told You About Deeper Diving

 Visualization For Efficient Swimming & Increased Bottom Time

A Wet Suit Drying Rack
 What Is This Nitrox Stuff?
 Why I Do NOT Train Kids

Your Scuba Cylinder Can Be A Hammer




 Bambi Letter
 On Bashing

Choosing A Dive Shop
 Diving Is Different

"I Used To Bo A Diver"

The "Iceberg Theory" of Teaching

The "Loved One Rule"
 The Primitive Brain
 Psalm For The Dependent Diver

Remember My Friend Dan
 Simplistic View Of Dive Fatality Risk
 US Navy Dive Table Five Percent Myth


PowerPoint Presentations


  War Stories


For Basic Classes:

 The Adventure Awaits

Air Check Ritual

"Being Stalked".

Couple Communication

Covered By Warranty

Florida Snow Storm

Line Dance

One Size Fits All


Train Him

Under-Ice Stress

"What's The Knob?"


 For Leadership Classes:

A Sharp Point

Black Cylinders

C-Cards, Decals, Patches & Stickers

Depth Limit?

Gas Analysis Ritual

Green Card Surprise

"Little Lady"

"Look at the Refugees"

Olympic Tears

The Rash

A Religious Ritual?

The Tabloid Slide

Waking Up

What the Ass Cannot Endure

"Where Is The Boat?"

"Yes, I CAN Do That"




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Dive Links: O'Halloran's

 Dive Links: River Rat's Gateway

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 Diving Bibliographies


Altitude Diving

Ascent Training



Breath-Hold Diving

Chamber Orientation

CNS Impairment


Cold Water-Near Drowning


Critter Injuries

Dental Concerns


Dry Suits

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Instructor Materials

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Legal Aspects

Liquid Breathing


Medical Texts





River Diving

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 Dive Long And Prosper




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