Diving "War Stories"


Larry “Harris” Taylor, Ph.D.

Diving Safety Coordinator

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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War Stories

One common, effective teaching technique is a short 1- 3 minute oral presentation that ends with "the point is."  The following personal experiences  or reasonable-to-me hearsay incidents are presented in the spirit that "every dive should have the same number of ascents as descents." The stories I use for basic classes are typically used during pool sessions (when time is expensive and best spent in the water). My University of Michigan teaching assistants have heard these so many times, they have labeled  them "war stories"  and assigned them numbers. 

Everyone who dives has stories; these are mostly mine.


For Basic Classes: For Leadership Bound Classes:

Adventures  Await

Air Check Ritual 

"Being Stalked"

Couple Communication

Covered By Warranty


Florida Snow Storm

Line Dance

One Size Fits All


"Train Him"

Under-Ice Stress

"What's The Knob?"


A Sharp Point  

Black Cylinders

C-Cards, Decals, Patches & Stickers

Depth Limit?

Gas Analysis Ritual

Green Card Surprise

"Little Lady"

"Look at the Refugees"

Olympic Tears

The Rash

A Religious Ritual?

The Tabloid Slide

Waking Up

What The Ass Cannot Endure

"Where Is The Boat?"

"Yes, I CAN Do That"


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