M. Grudzilaniak G. Atkins
Blood 2(1) K.C. Meisters 3(1)
Carp 3(1) M.T. Bases 0(0)
Cub Wannabes 3(1) Pikers 1(1)
Dingers 3(1) Stiffs 2(1)
Fodsters 2(1) The Warrior 3(1)
  Gamers 3(1)      
Players released by ML teams are not eligible for waiver claims.
Please report immediately any errors in the above transactions.
Week 27, September 29, 2003
Week 26, September 22, 2003
Pikers: Waive M. Grudzilaniak
Pikers: Waive G. Atkins
Week 25, September 15, 2003
Blood: Activate E. Marrero Waive V. wilson
Blood: Activate T. Hoffman Waive G. Stephenson
Blood: Activage X. Nady Waive R. Reyes
MTBases: Activate K. Ishii Waive D. Haren
Pikers: Claim F. McGriff Waive A. Galarraga
Stiffs: Claim J. Speier Waive M. Herges
Week 24, September 8, 2003
CubWannabes: Waive F. McGriff
CubWannabes: Waive J. Lane
Dingers: Sign S. Hitchcock Reserve T. Adams
Dingers: Activate F. Vina Waive M. Cairo
Gamers: Sign B. Clark Reserve J. Reyes
KCMeisters: Waive J. Spier Activate M. Morris
MTBases: Activage R. Branyan Reserve R. Klesko
Pikers: Claim C. Utley Waive B. Butler
Warrior: Activate P. Ozuna Waive A. Gonzalez (Fla)
Week 23, September 1, 2003
Gamers: Sign w. Alvarez Release F. Heredia
KCMeisters: Waive C. Utley
Pikers: Sign J. Bay Release R. White
Pikers: Activate JD Drew Reserve G. Atkins
Stiffs: Sign J. Conine Reserve J. Guillen
Week 22, August 25, 2003
MTBases: Sign JJ Davis Reserve R. Branyan
KCMeisters: Sign R. Hammock Reserve A. Dunn
Stiffs: Sign A. Harang Release D. Moss
Week 21, August 18, 2003
Gamers: Sign K. Ginter Release M. Bellhorn
MTBases: Claim C. Pavano Waive S. Kline
Pikers: Sign A/ Galarraga Reserve J.D. Drew
Week 20, August 11, 2003
CubWannabes: Activate Z. Day Waive C. Pavano
Gamers: Sign G. Mota Release C. Vargas
Gamers: Sign F. Heredia Release S. Williamson
KCMeisters: Sign B. Kolb Reserve O. Hernandez
Pikers: Sign M. Kata Reserve M. Grudzilaniek
Pikers: Activate G. Atkins Release F. Tatis
Week 19, August 4, 2003
Carp: Sign R. Mondesi Release K. Griffey
CubWannabes: Sign S. Ponson (1/1) Release K. Ainsworth
Dingers: Sign L Hernandez Reserve P. Astacio
Dingers: Sign W. Franklin Reserve K. Benson
KCMeisters: Sign T. Redmon Reserve A. Kearns
MTBases: Sign D. Haren Reserve K. Ishii
Pikers: Sign C. Reitsma Release J. Suppan
Stiffs: Sign R. Ventura Release R. Mackowiak
Trade between Carp and KCMeisters:
Carp get: M. Williams KCM get: O. Hernandez
J. Jimenez S. Chacon
KCM 2004 #1
Trade between Blood and KCMeisters:
Blood get: B. Larkin KCM get: D. Bautista
A. Boone L. Castillo
S. Chacon B. Penny
KCM 2004 #2
KCM 2006 #1
Trade between CubWannabes and Pikers:
CW gets: C. Pavan0 (Day) Pikers get: R. Johnson
M. Lievberthal M. Redmon
E. Guzman (McGriff) F. Tatis
R. Aurilia B. Butler
W. Cordero J.D. Drew
CW 2004 #1
Week 18, July 28, 2003
Blood: Sign R., Reyes Reserve X.  Nady
Blood: Sign D. Jimenez Release T. Goodwin
Blood: Activate M. Batista Waive P. Feliz
Stiffs: Activate J. Cruz Waive J. W. Seo
Trade between Blood and Stiffs:
Blood get: M. Lincoln Stiffs get: J. Peavy
Trade between Gamers and MTBases:
Gamers get: B. Sheets MTBases get: S. Trachsel
P. LoDuca C. Johnson
M. Bellhorn (G. Kapler) T. Wiggington
Gamers 2004 #1
Week 17, July 21, 2003
CubWannabes: Activate R. Johnson Release A. Benitez
KCMeiters: Activate V. Guerrero Waive R. Calloway
KCMeiters: Waive D. Veres
Stiffs: Sign M. Lincoln Releaase K. Calero
Week 16, July 14, 2003
Dingers: Activate C. Schilling Waive J. Fogg
Gamers: Sign J. Phillips Reserve D. Bell
KCMeisters: Sign J. Spier Reserve K. Brown
MTBases: Claim M. Bellhorn Waive J. Castro
MTBases: Sign B. Hart Reserve C. Patterson
Pikers: Sign J. Suppan Release T.J. Tucker
Pikers: Sign J. Robertson Reserve G. white
Stiffs: Sign U. Urbina Release S. Stewart
Warrior: Activate C. Counsell Waive A. Everett
Warrior: Sign E. Perez Release Brian Jordan
Trade between Blood and Stiffs:
Blood gets: M. Hampton Stiffs get: M. Herges
Dingers #1
Week 15, July 7, 2003
Blood: Claim G. Blum Waive M. DeRosa
Blood: Sign T. Goodwin Release K. Young
Gamers: Activate J. Beckett Waive M. Kinney
Stiffs: Activate M. Cabrera Waive M. Bellhorn
Trade between Carp and Dingers:
Carp get: fucked; Dingers get: to look at themselves in the mirror everyday
N. Perez J. Hernandez
A. Leiter P. Astacio
Week 14, June 30, 2003
Blood: Sign P. Feliz Reserve D. Bautista
Gamers: Activate J. Reyes Waive G. Blum
Gamers: Sign C. Vargas Reserve M. Koplove
MTBases: Sign  A. Heilman Release T. Spooneybarger
Pikers: Waive T. Perez
Trade Between MTBases and Stiffs:
MTBases get: S. Green Stiffs get: J. Guillen
Trade Between Gamers and Dingers:
Gamers get: J. Pierre Dingers get: J. Edmonds
Trade Between Gamers and Carp:
Gamers get: S. Williamson Carp get: J. Foppert
Carp 2004 #2
Trade Between Blood and Stiffs:
Blood get: B. Penney Stiffs get: K. Calero
Trade Between KCM and Stiffs:
KCM get: B. Boone Stiffs get: P. Nevin
Trade Between KCM and Blood:
KCM get: J. Jimenez Blood get: M. Clement
P. Polanco M. DeRosa
Week 13, June 23, 2003
Fodsters: Activate J. Witasik Waive L. Ayala
KCMeisters: Sign J. Valverde Reserve D. Veres
Pikers: Sign E. Guzman Reserve F. McGriff
Stiffs: Sign J. Seo Reserve J. Cruz
Week 12, June 16, 2003
Dingers: Sign R. Ledee Release D. Ward
Dingers: Sign M. Cairo Reserve F. Vina
Gamers: Activate M. Koplove Release B.  Kim
KCMeisters: Sign B. Larkin Release J. Leifer
MTBases: Activate J. Uriibe Reserve G. Kapler
MTBases: Activate J. Isringhausen Waive J. Suppan
Week 11, June 9, 2003
Dingers Sign J. Fogg Reserve C. Schilling
KCMeisters: Sign R. Calloway Reserve V. Guerero
MTBases: Activate J. Williams (FS) Waive D. Weathers
Week 10, June 2, 2003
Blood: Sign S. Hillenbrand Reserve M. Williams
Blood: Sign A. Cintron Release B. larkin
Gamers: Activate S. Sosa Waive R. Ledee
Gamers: Sign R. Beck Reserve M. Koplove
MTBases: Activate R. Branyan Waive T. O'Leary
Pikers: Sign C. Pavano Reserve Z. Day
Pikers: Sign S. Posednik Release A/ Sanchez
Pikers: Sign W. Cordero Reserve T. Perez
Pikers: Sign M. Grudzilaniek Release B. Freel
Trade between Fodsters and Warrior:
Fodsters get: W. Helms Warrior get: E. Alfonzo
M. Kotsay B. Jordan
R. Dempster S. Reynolds
Week 9, May 26, 2003
Carp: Activate K. Griffey Waive R. Taylor
MTBases: Sign J. Castro Release R. Sanchez
Pikers: Sign R. Freel Reserve P. Reese
Week 8, May 19, 2003
Blood: Sign V. Wilson Reserve E. Marrero
Blood: Sign M. Herges Release B. Villafuerte
Dingers: Sign M. Ensberg Release R. Macado
Dingers: Sign C. Eldred Reserve T. Armas
Pikers: Sign M. Batista Release A.J. Burnett
Warrior: Sign A. Everett Reserve C. Counsell
Trade between Fodsters and Warrior:
Fodsters get: W. Gonzales Warrior get: J. LaRue
Warrior 2004 #1
Trade between Fodsters and Dingers:
Fodsters get: L. Gonzales Dingers get: L. Walker
M. Grissom K. Lofton
K. Reuter K. Benson
L. Ayala (J. Witasik) R. Biddle
A. Guzman (FS)
Dingers 2004 #2
Week 7, May 12, 2003
Dingers: Activate D. Willis (FS) Waive J. Reidling
Fodsters: Claim R. Biddle Release P. Byrd
Gamers: Activate B. Giles Reserve S. Sosa
Gamers: Sign M. Kinney Reserve J. Beckett
KCMeisters: Activate M. Byrd Waive R. Calloway
Stiffs: Sign B. Estalella Release Todd Hundley
Week 6, May 5, 2003
Blood: Sign K. Calero Release J. Marquis
Blood: Activate P. Polanco Reserve C. Utley
Carp: Sign S. chacon Release J. Fogg
Carp: Sign J. Nathan Reserve R. Nenn
CubWannabes: Sign T. Clark to Open Spot
CubWannabes: Sign B. Webb Reserve R. Johnson
MTBases: Sign J. Guillen Release J. Lugo
MTBases: Claim D. Weathers Waive G. Rusch
Pikers: Sign T. Redding Release V. Nunez
Stiffs: Activate M. Hampton Waive R. Biddle
Stiffs: Sign J. Vanderwal Release K. Robinson
Week 5, April 28, 2003
Blood: Reserve P. Polanco Sign C. Utley
Blood: Reserve B. Larson Sign K. Young
Gamers: Waive D. Weathers Activate J. Foppert (FS)
Trade between Fodsters and Pikers:
Fodsters get: M. Vaughn Pikers get: D. Lee
J. Hammonds L. Berkman
D. Driefort V. Nunez
Week 4 - April 21, 2003
Fodsters: Sign S. Reynolds Release R. Ankiel
KCMeisters: Sign R. Calloway Reserve M. Byrd
Week 3 - April 14, 2003
Gamers: Sign R. Ledee Reserve B. Giles
MTBases: Sign J. Suppan Reserve J. Isringhausen
Stiffs: Sign P.  Wilson Reserve C. Hernandez
Warrior: Sign A. Gonzales (FLA) Reserve P. Ozuna
Week 2 - April 7, 2003
Carp: Sign C. Izturas For J. Thurston (Rookie Status)
Carp: Sign R. Taylor Reserve K. Griffey
Dingers: Sign  L. Ayala Reserve J. Witasik
Gamers: Sign M. Koplove For S.W. Kim (Rookie Status)
Stiffs: Sign R. Biddle Reserve M. Hampton
Week 1 - March 31, 2003
Blood: Sign G. Stephenson For J. Patterson (Rookie Status)
Pre-Opening Day Transactions
Blood: Reserve T. Hoffman Sign J. Patterson
Blood: Reserve B. Hill Sign M. Lorreta
MTBases: Reserve R. Branyan Sign T. O'Leary
MTBases: Reserve J. Uribe Sign R. Sanchez
Farm System Draft
BLOOD: 2, Haiaston, Pie
CARP: 2, Wainwright, Sisco
CUB-WANNABES: 2, Lane, Harris
DINGERS: 2, Guzman, Willis
FODSTERS: 1, Thurston
GAMERS: 3, Kazmir, Foppert, Baker
K.C. MEISTERS: 2, Marte, Castillo
M.T. BASES: 3, Freeman, Alvarez,  Abercrombie
PIKERS: 2, Atkins, Bozied
STIFFS: 2, Green, Encarnacion
WARRIORS: 1, Tracey
Pre-Draft Moves
Blood: Activate X. Nady
Stiffs: Activate H. Choi
KCMeisters: Activate M. Byrd
Farm System Transactions
BLOOD: 2, Nady, betemit
CARP: 1, Bonser
DINGERS: 3, Holzcom, Rawles, Stokes
FODSTERS: 2, Torcato, Howington
GAMERS: 3, Belilse, Reyes, Cota
K.C. MEISTERS: 2, Gonzales, Byrd
M.T. BASES: 2, Chen, Williams
PIKERS: 2, Pena, Christianson
STIFFS: 4, Choi, Cabrera, Mantanez, Terrero
WARRIORS: 2, Niekro, Johnson
Long Term Contracts
BLOOD: none
CARP: none
FODSTERS: Cabrera +1,7, Oswalt +1, 0; Gagne +1,7
GAMERS: none
K.C. MEISTERS: Dunn 1,10; Pujosl 1,15
M.T. BASES: none
PIKERS: none
STIFFS: none
Off-Season Trades
Trade Between KCM and Warrior:
KCM get: Warrior #1 Warrior get: C. Counsel
Trade Between Blood and Dingers:
Blood get: P. Polanco Dingers get: F. Vina
Dingers 2004 #1
Trade Between Gamers and Fodsters:
Gamers get: Fodster #2 Fodsters get: V. Nunez
Blood #2
Trade Between Gamers and Stiffs:
Gamers get: C.Johnson Stiffs get: M. Lowell
Trade Between KCMeisters and Stiffs:
KCMeisters get: M. Morris Stiffs get: D. Moss
H. Choi
M. Lieberthal
Trade Between Pikers and Warrior:
Pikers get: P. Reese Warrior gets: W. Williams
Fodsters #1
Trade Between Blood and MTBases:
Blood get: D. Batista MTBases get: R. Klesko
Trade Between Gamers and KCMeisters:
Gamers get: B. Abreu KCMeisters get: Pikers #1 2003
Trade Between Gamers and Warrior:
Gamers get: Pikers #1 2003 Warrior get: T. Helton
W. Gonzales
Trade between Gamers and  MTBases (3/7/03):
Gamers get: MTBases #2 2003 MTBases get: C. Biggio