F. Guzman F. Sanchez V. Santos
Blood 1(1) MoneyBall Express 1(1)
Cub Wannabes 3(1) Old Pros 3(1)
Dingers 2(1) Pikers 0(0)
Gamers 1(1) Stiffs 2(1)
KCMeisters 1(1) The Warrior 3(1)
  MTBases 3(1)      
Players released by ML teams are not eligible for waiver claims.
Please report immediately any errors in the above transactions.
Week 22 - Transactions effective 9/28/04
Gamers: Activate J. Reyes Waive F. Guzman
Mball: Waive F. Sanchez
Stiffs: Actiovate E. Jackson Waive V. Santos
Week 24 - Transactions effective 9/21/04
Week 23 - Transactions effective 9/14/04
Week 22 - Transactions effective 9/7/04
Blood: Reserve P. Wilson Sign M. Lamb
Blood: Release S. Burnett Sign B. Backe
Gamers: Activate K. Ginter Reserve J. Reyes
Gamers: Reserve R. Wolf Sign R. Ankiel
MTBases: Waive C. Freeman
Pikers: Release C. Everett Activate P. Burrell
Week 21 - Transactions effective 8/31/04
Pikers: Claim V. Padilla Waive C. Vargas
KCM: Activate Kearns Release T. Hollandsworth
Stiffs: Sign N. Lowery Reserve K. Wells
Moneyball: Waive D. Ward
Week 20 - Transactions effective 8/24/04
Blood: Waive V. Padilla
Gamers: Sign F. Guzman Reserve K. Ginter
KCM: Sign G. Aquino Reserve B. Penny
Stiffs: Sign A. Gonzalez Reserve K. Matsui
Pikers: Sign Church Reserve P. Burrell
Week 19 - Transactions effective 8/17/04
Gamers: Claim L. Vizcaino Waive T. Jones
Gamers: Waive J. Eischen
KCM: Waive M. Byrd
Week 18 - Transactions effective 8/10/04
Blood: Sign J. Werth Reserve A. Everett
KCM: Sign D. Hermanson Release O. Dotel
MTBases: Sign V. Zambrano Reserve J. Williams
Stiffs: Claim V. Santos Waive L. Vizcaino
Week 17 - Transactions effective 8/3/04
Blood: Activate O. Perez Waive V. Santos
Gamers: Sign S. Linebrink Release O. Moreno
MoneyBall: Sign N. Garicaparra (1/1) Release O. Cabrera
Pikers: Sign C. Utley Release J. Spivey
Stiffs: Activate L. Terrero (FS) Waive B. Hill
Trade between KCMeisters and Old Pros:
KCM get: T. Hollandsworth OldPros get: E. Merrero
Trade between KCMeisters and Dingers:
KCM get: J. Kent Dingers get: P. Polanco
L. Hernandez T. Ohka
2005 #1
Week 16 - Transactions effective 7/26/04
Pikers: Claim W. Helms Waive R. Ventura
OldPros: Acticate J. Encarnacion Waive J. Werth
MoneyBall: Activate D. Wright (FS) Waive M. Lamb
Week 15 - Transactions effective 7/19/04
Blood: Activate M. Giles Release J. Hammonds
Gamers: Claim O. Moreno Waive J. Acevedo
MoneyBall: Waive W. Helms
MTBases: Sign W. Pena Reserve C. Freeman
MTBases: Waive T. Alvarez
OldPros: Sign J. Lima Reserve W. Miller
OldPros: Sign M. Matheny Release C. McCay
OldPros: Sign J. Werth Reserve J. Encanacion
Trade between KCMeisters and Warrior:
KCM get: E. Renteria Warrior get: B. Larkin
Trade between Gamers and Pikers:
Gamers get: R. Clemens Moneyball gets: J. Beckett
C. Carpenter J. Reidling
M. Bradley T. Sledge
Trade between KCMeisters and MoneyBall Express:
KCM get: N. Johnson B. Hall (D. Ward, F. Sanchez)
M. Barrett R. Hammock
2005 #2
Week 14 - Transactions effective 7/12/04
Blood: Waive O. Moreno
Blood: Sign S. Burnett Reserve M. Ginter
Blood: Sign V. Santos Reserve Od. Perez
Gamers: Sign T. Jones Reserve Z. Day
Dingers: Claim E. Chavez Waive T. Goodwin
Dingers: Claim M. Grudzilaneak Waive R. Alomar
Stiffs: Sign P. Byrd Release M. Phelps
Trade between Gamers and Moneyball Express:
Gamers get: R. Oswalt Moneyball gets: A. Otsuka
2005 #1
Week 13 - Transactions effective 7/5/04
Pikers: Activate C. Everett Waive E. Chavez
OldPros: Waive M. Grudzilaniek
Stiffs: Activate J. Peavy Release D. Tankersly
Week 12 - Transactions effective 6/29/04
Gamers: Activate J. Beckett Release O. Villareal
Gamers: Activate J. Reyes Release A. Gonzalez
KCM: Claim M. Holiday Reserve A. Kearns
KCM: Sign C. Beltran Release R. Ledee
KCM: Sgin B. Hall Reserve D. Ward
Pikers: Activate S. Sosa Waive J. Lane
Trade between Blood and Warrior:
Blood gets: T. Helton Warrior gets: A. Beltre
J.T. Snow B. Larson
B. Lidge W. Alvarez Rescinded by Mutual Agreement
Warrior 2005 #1 Blood 2005 #1
Week 11 - Transactions effective 6/22/04
Blood: Activate P. Wilson Waive M. Holliday
Dingers: Claim T. Armas, Jr. Waive R. Cormier
Dingers: Sign G. Rusch Reserve J. Borowski
KCMeisters: Sign R. Ledee Reserve M. Byrd
KCMeisters: Claim E. Marrero Waive K. Garcia
Pikers: Sign J. Lane Reserve S. Sosa
Pikers: Waive H. Nomo
Warrior: Activate L. Walker Release B Hawpe
Trade between Dingers and Gamers:
Dingers get: J. Wilson Gamers get: A. Gonzalez
T. Batista M. Ensberg
C. Lidle O. Villareal
2005 #2
Week 10 - Transactions effective 6/15/04
Blood: Sign M. Ginter Reserve O. Moreno
KCMeisters: Activate P. Polanco Waive C. Utley
MTBases: Waive T. Armas, Jr.
Old Pros: Sign C. McKay Release R. Castro
Pikers: Waive E. Marrero
Pikers: Waive M. Remlinger
Stiffs: Sign D. Tankersley Reserve J. Peavey
Trade between MTBases and MoneyBallExpress:
Mtbases get: E. Gagne MBEx get: B. Sheets
R. Abercrombie (FS)
Week 9 - Transactions effective 6/8/04
Blood; Activate B. Larson Waive T. Perez
Blood; Sign J. Wright Reserve v. Padilla
CubWannabes: Activate B. Penny Release A. Harang
MTBases: Activate C. Freeman (FS) Waive J. Lane
Old Pros: Sign N. Green Reserve M. Kata
Week 8 - Transactions effective 6/1/04
Gamers: Sign Z. Day Reserve J. Beckett
KCM: Sign D. Ward Reserve F. Sanchez
Mexpress: Activate N. Johnson Waive D. Sadler
Mexpress: Claim M. Lamb Reserve W. Helms
Pikers: Sign Ol. Perez Reserve H. Nomo
Pikers: Claim E. Chavez Reserve C. Everett
Stiffs: Sign M. Phelps Reserve H. Ramirez
Warrior: Waive R. Cedeno
Week 7 - Transactions effective 5/25/04
Blood: Activate S. Hairston (FS) Waive M. Lamb
Gamers: Sign J. Reidling Release C. Fox
KCM: Activate A. Kearns Waive E. Chavez
Mexpress: Sign E. Valent Reserve P. Bergeron
Mexpress: Waive J. Thurston
MTBase: Activate J. LaRue Waive M. Matheny
Pikers: Sign C. Carpenter Reserve J. Eischen
Week 6 - Transactions effective 5/18/04
Blood: Activate C. Floyd Reserve M. Giles
Blood: Claim J. Hammonds Waive A. Nunez
Blood: Claim M. Lamb Waive N. Perez
Old Pros: Sign T. Hollnadsworth Reserve R. Mondesi
Old Pros: Sign R. Madson Reserve M. Lincoln
Pikers: Sign V. Wilson Release T. Hundley
Pikers: Sign S. Kim Release W. Cunnane
Week 5 - Transactions effective 5/11/04
Blood: Sign T. Perez Reserve B. Larson
Gamers: Activate J. Bay Waive J. Hammonds
KCMeisters: Sign C. Utley Reserve P. Polanco
M'Express: Claim A. Cora Waive R. Guttierrez
MTBases: Activate T. Wiggington Waive M. Lamb
MTBases: Activate Ch. Jones Waive W. M. Pena
   Trade between Blood and MTBases:
Blood get: M. Giles MTBases get: A. Cintron
A. Everett D. Jimenez
C. Pavano B. Looper
MTBases 2005 #1
Week 4 - Transactions effective 5/4/04
KCM: Reserve A. Kearns Sign E. Chavez
M'Express Release B. Hart Sign G. Guttierrez
MTBases: Reserve R. Sexson Sign T. Zeile
MTBases: Reserve J. Larue Sign M. Matheny
Warrior: Waive A. Cora Activate C. Tracy
Warrior: Reserve L. Walker Sign B. Hawpe
Week 3 - Transactions effective 4/27/04
CubWannabes: Reserve A.J. Burnett Sign A. Harang
Gamers: Reserve J. Bay Sign J. Hammonds
MTBases: Reserve C. Jones Sign W. Pena
MTBases: Reserve Wiggington, T Sign M. Lamb
Week 2 - Transactions effective 4/20/04
Blood: Reserve P. Wilson Sign M. Holliday
Old Pros: Reserve M. Grudzileniak Sign J. Hernandez
Warrior: Reserve R. Cedeno Sign S. Spencer
Warrior: Reserve P. Shuey Sign J. Patterson
Week 1 - Transactions effective 4/13/04
Blood: Reserve C. Floyd Sign R. Mackowiak
Gamers: Reserve J. Reyes Sign C. Izturas
MTBases: Reserve T. Armas Sign P. Wilson
Moneyball Exp: Reserve J. Thurston Sign B. Hart
Pikers: Reserve E. Mererro Sign M. Bradley (1/1)
Pikers: Reserve M. Remlinger Sign C. Vargas
Draft Day Transactions (effective immediately):
MoneyBall: Reserve N. Johnson Sign Sadler, D
Old Pros: Reserve R. Nen Sign S. Kline
Long-Term Contracts
Dingers: Mantei 2 years / 7
Gamers: Beckett 2 years / 10
KCM: Kearns 2 years / 10
MTBases: Burroughs 2 years / 10
Warrior: Prior 3 years / 15
Farm System Protected Activated Drafted
Blood: 2 0 3
CubWannabes: 1 0 2
Dingers: 1 0 1
Gamers: 2 0 3
KCM: 2 0 3
MTBases: 4 0 1
MBall Express: 2 2 3
Old Pros: 1 0 2
Pikers: 2 0 3
Stiffs: 4 1 2
Warriors: 3 0 1
Off-Season Trades
Trade between Blood. Dingers and Gamers:
Blood get: Dingers 2005 #2 Dingers get: Giles, B
Gamers get: 2004 # 17 Pick
Trade between Blood and Pikers:
Blood et: Smoltz, J Pikers get: Hofman, T
Spivey, J
Loretta, M
Hill, B
Mererro, E
Trade between Fodsters and MTBases:
Fodsters get: Vidro, J Bases get: Dingers 2004 #2
Trade between KCMeisters and MTBases:
KCM get: Worrell, Ti Bases get: Dunn, Adam
Bases 2004 #1 Vidro, J
Bases 2004 #2
Gamers 2004 #1
Trade between Blood and Stiffs:
Blood get: Dingers 2004 #1 Stiffs get: Hampton, M
Trade between MTBases and Stiffs
Bases get: Jones, Ch Stiffs get: Thome, J