Blood 2(1) MoneyBall Express 2(1)
Cub Wannabes 3(1) Old Pros 3(1)
Dingers 3(1) Pikers 1(1)
Gamers 0(0) Purple Pachyderms 3(1)
KCMeisters 0(0) The Warrior 3(1)
  MTBases 0(0)      
Players released by ML teams are not eligible for waiver claims.
Please report immediately any errors in the above transactions.
Week 25 - Effective 9/20/05
KCM:  Claim J. Bagwell Waive E. Chavez
Week 25 - Effective 9/20/05
MTBases:  Waive J. Bagwell
Week 24 - Effective 9/20/05
Gamers:  Activate S. Burroughs Waive A. Nunez
MTBases:  Waive J. Valentine
Old Pros:  Activate B. Hawpe Reserve J. Gerut
Old Pros:  Waive K. Hill
Warrior:  Activate G. Floyd Waive M. Wuertz
Warrior:  Sign J. Sosa Reserve M. Hampton
Warrior:  Sign V. Padilla Reserve K. Wood
Week 23 - Effective 9/13/05
Dingers:  Activate C. Wilson Reserve M. Bradley
Dingers:  Reserve O. Perez Sign J. Seo
Dingers:  Release D. May Sign E. Brito
M'Ball:  Activate C. Barmes Waive A. Cintron
MTBases:  Activate B. Bonds Waive J. Ellison
Pachyderms:  Activate L. Scott Waive R. Ledee
Week 22 - Effective 9/6/05
Blood:  Activate P. Fielder Waive J. Rodriguez
CubWannabes:  Waive T. Greene
KCM:  Activate A. Marte Release S. Rolen
KCM:  Claim J. Thompson Waive E. Milton
KCM:  Sign U. Urbina Release K. Davies
MTBases:  Waive T. Wiggington
Week 21 - Effective 8/30/05
Blood:  Activate C. Patterson Release A. Sanchez
Blood:  Activate B. Lyon Release T. Walker
Dingers:  Activate K. Matsui Reserve J. Spivey
Gamers:  Waive J. Thompson
Gamers:  Sign B. Eldred Reserve A. Ramirez
Gamers:  Sign O. Saenz Reserve C. Duffy
Pachyderms:  Activate A. Benitez Waive W. Rodriguez
Week 20 - Effective 8/23/05
Blood:  Release B. Bruney Sign D. Sanchez
Gamers:  Claim C. Duffy Waive C. Sullivan
Gamers:  Activate L. Walker Waive D. Ward
Week 19 - Effective 8/16/05
Blood:  Waive A. Alfonseca
CubWannabes:  Activate J. Werth Waive C. Duffy
Old Pros:  Activate N. Garciaparra Waive N. Perez
Old Pros:  Reserve K. Hill Sign M. Olivo
M'Ball:  Activate C. Jackson (FS) Reserve M. Grissom
Week 18 - Effective 8/9/05
Dingers:  Waive T. Worrell
Gamers  Acticvate J. Valentin Reserve L. Walker
Old Pros:  Waive W. Alvarez
Pachyderms:  Activate E. Encarnacion (FS) Release P. Polanco
Week 17 - Effective 8/2/05
CubWannabes:  Sign C. Duffy Reserve J. Werth
Dingers:  Reserve B. Santiago Sign J. Valentin
Gamers:  Sign D. Weathers Release R. Bottalico
Gamers:  Claim C. Sullivan Waive T. Hollandsworth
KCM:  Sign R. Winn Reserve E. Byrnes
MTBases:  Sign K. Farnsworth Reserve S. Olsen
MTBases:  Claim X. Nady Waive J. DuBois
Old Pros:  Sign L. Bigbie Rlelease J. Cruz, Jr.
Old Pros:  Sign J. Gerut Reserve B. Hawpe
Pikers:  Activate M. Loretta Waive J. Hairston
Trade between Gamers and Warrior: 
Gamers get:  R. King Warrior get:  M. Wuertz (G. Floyd)
2007 #2
Trade between Dingers and KCMeisters: 
Dingers get:  A. Kearns KCM get:  E. chavez
2006 #1
Week 16 - Effective 7/26/05
Blood:  Reserve P. Fielder Sign J. Rodriguez
Dingers:  Activate R. Freel Waive C. Sullivan
Dingers:  Activate M. Bradley Waive X. Nady
Gamers:  Reserve S. Burroughs Sign A. Nunez
KCM:  Activate J. Francouer (FS) Waive O. Saenz
KCM:  Activate A. Kearns Reserve A. Marte
Trade between Gamers and KCM:
Gamers get:  A. Ramirez KCM get:  S. Rolen
H. Cota M. Ojeda
E. Loaiza C. Zambrano
Week 15 - Effective 7/19/05
Dingers:  Reserve R. Freel Sign C. Sullivan
KCM:  Reserve A. Kearns Sign E. Byrnes
MTBases:  Waive M. Cairo
MTBases:  Reserve E. Gagne Activate L. Hawkins
Old Pros:  Reserve S. Estes Sign V. Zambrano
Pikers:  Sign Z. Duke Release A. Bernero
Warrior:  Waive E. Young
Trade between Gamers and Pachyderms:
Gamers get:  J. Patterson (J. Thomson) Pachyderms get:  V. Santos
A. Everett C. Izturas
2006 #1
Trade between KCM and Pikers:
KCMs get:  O. Saenz (T. Sledge) Pikers get:  D. Roberts
H. Cota C. Snyder
Ian Stewart (FS)
Week 14 - Effective 7/12/05
Blood:  Reserve C. Patterson Sign A. Sanchez
CubWannabes:  Activate R. Howard (FS) Reserve J. Thome
M'Ball:  Reserve R. Wolf Sign M. Belisle
M'Ball:  Waive J. Williams
MTBases:  Acticvate I. Snell (FS) Waive J. Borowski
Trade between Old Pros and Dingers: 
Dingers get:  A. Pujols Old Pros gets:  J. Kent
J. Spivey T. Helton
Week 13 - Effective 7/5/05
Blood:  Reserve J.D. Drew Sign D. Jackson
KCM:  Activate M. Prior Waive M. DeJean
M'Ball:  Claim B. McCann Waive J.D. Closser
Pikers:  Claim J. Hairston Waive G. Blum
Pikers:  Activate R. Branyan Waive C. Snyder
Pikers:  Reserve O. Perez Sign R. Tejada
Week 12 - Effective 6/28/05
Blood:  Activate P. Fielder Waive J. Hairston, Jr.
Blood:  Waive G. Acquino
CubWannabes:  Waive B. McCann
Dingers:  Reserve K. Matsui Sign M. Anderson
Dingers:  Reserve M. Bradley Sign X. Nady
M'Ball:  Waive D. Graves
MTBases:  Reserve L. Hawkins Sign S. Olsen
Trade Between Gamers and MTBases:
Gamers get:  S. Burroughs MTBases get:  Lamb / Bagwell
#2 2006
Trade Between Blood and MTBases:
Blood get:  T. Armas, Jr KCM get:  M. DeJean
Week 11 - Effective 6/21/05
Gamers:  Activate S. Rolen Waive J. Mabry
KCM:  Activate A. Marte Waive D. Mientkiewicz
MTBases:  Claim K. Johnson Waive C. Guzman
MTBases:  Reserve M. Cairo Sign W. Betemit
Old Pros:  Reserve W. Alvarez Sign S. Estes
Week 10 - Effective 6/14/05
CubWannabes:  Reserve T. Greene Sign R. Doumit
Gamers:  Claim V. Santos Waive V. Padilla
M'Ball:  Activate M. Grissom Waive X. Nady
M'Ball:  Activate W. Pena Waive S. Taguchi
Pachyderms:  Reserve J. Thomson Sign J. Patterson
Pikers:  Reserve R. Branyan Sign C. Sullivan
Pikers:  Claim A. Benero Waive A. Leiter
Pikers:  Activate R. Weeks (FS) Waive L. Gonzalez
Warrior:  Waive K. Johnson
Trade Between MTBases and Moneyball:
MTBases get:  D. Wright Moneyball gets:  M. Lowell
M. Cairo * (D. Jimenez*) C. Biggio
J. Ellison ** (B. Bonds**) C. Beltran
J. Borowski T. Jones* (J. Williams*)
L. Hawkins G. Mota
J. Barfield (FS)
Week 9 - Effective 6/7/05
KCM:  Reserve M. Prior Sign E. Loaiza
KCM:  Reserve M. Adams Sign K. Davies
M'Ball:  Activate B. Sheets Waive A. Bernero
M'Ball:  Reserve C. Barmes Sign A. Cintron
MTBases:  Activate C. Burke Reserve R. Mondesi
MTBases:  Activate G. Mota Waive S. Estes
MTBases:  Activate W. Williams Waive V. Santos
MTBases:  Reserve T. Wiggington Sign A. Perez
Week 8 - Effective 5/31/05
CubWannabes:  Activate J. Werth Waive M. Byrd
MTBases:  Claim J. Fogg Waive R. Ortiz
Old Pros:  Reserve P. Wilson Sign D. Williams
Trade Between Blood and KCM:
Blood get:  Bruney, B (Acquino, G) KCM get: Adams, M
KCM 2006 #1
Trade Between KCM and Warrior:
KCM get:  Milton, E Warrior get:  Glavine, T
Prior, M Maddux, G
Warrior 2006 #1
Week 7 - Effective 5/24/05
Blood:  Reserve S. Lyon Sign T. Walker
KCMeisters:  Claim B. Bruney Waive J. Patterson
M'Ball:  Reserve D. Graves Activate J. Borowski
M'Ball:  Reserve D. Jimenez Sign M. Cairo
M'Ball:  Reserve B. Sheets Sign A. Bernero
M'Ball:  Reserve M. Grissom Claim X. Nady
M'Ball:  Reserve W. Pena Sign S. Taguchi
Old Pros:  Activate W. Alvarez Waive J. Fogg
Pachyderms:  Activate W. Rodriguez Waive E. Astacio
Pikers:  Reserve M. Loretta Sign G. Blum
Pikers:  Reserve T. Sledge Sign O. Saenz
Pikers:  Reserve C. Tsao Sign R. Dempster
Pikers:  Release H. Quintero Sign H. Cota
Week 6 - Effective 5/17/05
CubWannabes:  Activate K. Benson Waive Qualls, Ch
CubWannabes:  Reserve J. Werth Sign M. Byrd
Dingers:  Reserve C. Wilson Sign T. Clark
Dingers:  Reserve T. Worrel Sign B. Moehler
Gamers:  Reserve J. Bagwell Sign M. Lamb
Gamers:  Reserve S. Rolen Sign J. Mabry
KCMeisters:  Activate L. Berkman Waive X. Nady
KCMeisters:  Activate T. Armas, Jr. Reserve G. Aquino
MTBases:  Activate E. Gagne Waive B. Bruney
Old Pros:  Activate J. Cruz Waive M. Restovich
Pachyderms:  Reserve L. Scott Sign R. Ledee
Week 5 - Effective 5/10/05
Dingers:  Activate E. Chavez Waive F. Sanchez
Gamers:  Reserve J. Valentin Sign D. Ward
MTBases:  Activate J. Castillo Waive J. Repko
MTBases:  Reserve C. Burke Sign J. Dubois
MTBases:  Reserve J. Valentine Sign C. Lidle
MTBases:  Reserve W. Williams Sign V. Santos
Old Pros:  Activate D. Mohr Release S. Hairston
Pachyderms:  Reserve A. Benitez Sign E. Astacio
Week 4 - Effective 5/3/05
KCM:  Reserve T. Armas, Jr. Sign J. Patterson
MTBases:  Reserve G. Mota Sign S. Estes
MTBases:  Reserve J. Williams Sign T. Jones
Old Pros:  Activate G. Atkins Release G. Blum
Week 3 - Effective 4/26/05
Blood:  Reserve A. Alfonseca Sign D. Turnbow
Gamers:  Reserve G. Floyd Sign M. Wuertz
M'Express:  Reserve B. Bonds Sign J. Ellison
Old Pros:  Activate M. Morris Waive A. Heilman
Old Pros:  Reserve N. Garciaparra Sign N. Perez
Week 2 - Effective 4/19/05
Gamers:  Waive J. Baker
Old Pros:  Reserve M. Morris Sign A. Heilman
Old Pros:  Reserve J. Cruz Sign M. Restovich
Old Pros:  Reserve W. Alvarez Sign J. Fogg
Old Pros:  Reserve G. Atkins Sign G. Blum
Old Pros:  Reserve D. Mohr Sign S. Hairston
Pikers:  Sign M. Matheny Release H. Cota
Warrior:  Activate L. Neikro (FS) Reserve E. Young
Week 1 - Effective 4/12/05
CubWannabes:  Reserve K. Benson Sign C. Qualls
MTBases:  Reserve J. Castillo Sign J. Repko
Pachyderms:  Activate V. Diaz (FS) Waive L. Terrero
Draft Day Transactions:
Dingers:  Reserve M. Mantei Sign D. May
M'Express:  Reserve J. Borowski Sign B. Halsey
MTBases:  Reserve G. Gagne Sign B. Bruney
KCM:  Reserve L. Berkman Sign X. Nady
Dingers:  Reserve E. Chavez Sign F. Sanchez
Farm System:
Blood: Protect 4; Draft 1
Wannabes: Protect 2: Draft 2
Dingers: Protect 3; Draft 1
Gamers: Protect 4; Draft 1
KCM: Protect 3; Activate 1; Draft 3
MTB: Protect 1; Activate 1: Draft 4
M"Express: Protect 3; Draft 2
Old Pros: Draft 2
Pikers: Protect 3; Draft 2
Pachyderms: Protect 3; Draft 2
Warrior: Protect 3; Draft 2
LT Contracts:
Blood: none
Wannabes: none
Dingers: none
Gamers: Reyes 2@10; Zambrano 2@6
KCM: none
MTB: none
M"Express: none
Old Pros: none
Pikers: none
Pachydersm: Nevin 2@6; Cabrera 3@15; Peavy 3@ 13
Warrior: none
3/21/05 - Trade between M'Express and KCM:
M'Express gets: KCM 2006 #2 KCM get:  2005 #12, #20 Farm Pick
3/21/05 - Trade between Blood and MTBases:
Blood get:  2006 #2 MTBases get:  2005 #14, #18 Farm Pick
3/21/05 - Trade between Dingers and KCM
Dingers get: T. Worrell KCM get:  2005 #5 Farm Pick
3/21/05 - Trade between Dingers and Gamers
Dingers get:  Freel, Ryan Gamers get:  Casey, Sean
Ensberg, Morgan 2005 #11 Farm Pick
2/10/05 - Trade between Moneyball Express and MTBases
Moneyball gets:  Pena, Wiley Mo MTBases gets:  Bonds, Barry
Jimenez, Deangelo