2006 “Down to 3” Commissioner Comments




            Nobody missed my comments.  Screw all of you.



            Trade deadline – see e-mail I sent out with rules or refer to by-laws.



            Just read the e-mails that have been flying around.



            After 12:00 Friday, all signed players are for 2 years at 10, until then 3 years at 10.  Before reporting trades, make sure they are valid transactions from a position requirement, salary requirement, etc.



            A little late.  Same comments as last week.



            Trading deadline is July 31, all-star break is changeover for player contract status from 3 years at 10 to 2 years at 10.



           Clemens decision looming.  Will let you know by Friday.


June 6, 2007

            6/6/6.  Nuff said.


May 30, 2006

            First trades of the year.  Stay aware of required trans and make them, otherwise players will be waived.


May 23, 2006

            Same as last week.


May 16, 2006

            Same as last week. 


May 9, 2006

            Nothing much new.  Keep an eye on transaction requirements.  Midnight is deadline for trans.


May 2, 2006

            I try to keep everybody posted as to required transactions, but I occasionally miss them, ultimately it is your responsibility.  Not that anybody has complained, but I try.


April 25, 2006

            Sorry for being a little late here.  Been busy. 


April 18, 2006

            Ok, just because I am commissioner doesn’t mean I have to listen to you moan and groan about your piss poor luck.  Deal with it.  No wait, go ahead, I like to feel other people’s misery.


April 11, 2006

            Ok, ok, just for the record - yes – some of us do have shitty teams, let’s just not clog the spam filters with boasts about who is worse.

            Draft was interesting, as usual, the draft results are out there.  Now you can look back and see why everyone was laughing at somebody sometime during the draft.

            Transaction deadline is Monday’s at Midnight.  Good luck to all, but speaking as the Gamers, not too good of luck.