Saenz, O
Belliard, R Gross, G
Blood 3(1) MTBases 2(1)
Cub Wannabes 3(1) Pikers 1(1)
Dingers 3(1) Purple Pachyderms 2(1)
Gamers 0(0) Stiffs 3(1)
KCMeisters 2(1) The Warrior 2(1)
  M'Express 3(1)      
Players released by ML teams are not eligible for waiver claims.
Please report immediately any errors in the above transactions.
Week 22 Trans - effective 9/5/06
KCM:  Activate Matsui, K Waive Belliard, R
Pikers:  Activate Floyd, C Waive Gross, G
Week 21 Trans - effective 8/29/06
Gamers:  Claim Duffy, C Waive Saenz, O
Week 20 Trans - effective 8/22/06
Gamers:  Reserve Greene, K Sign Amezaga, A
Gamers:  Reserve Guardado, E Sign Bray, B
Dingers:  Waive Duffy, C
Week 19 Trans - effective 8/15/06
Blood:  Waive Loney, J
KCM:  Reserve Prior, M Sign Broxton, J
MTBases:  Reserve Lidle, C Sign Hirsch, J
MTBases:  Activate Ensberg, M Reserve DeVanon, J
Pikers:  Activate Valverde, J Waive Sele, A
Pikers:  Reserve Floyd, C Sign Gross, G
Pikers:  Reserve Weeks, R Claim Valentin, J
Pikers:  Waive Wolf, R
Week 18 Trans - effective 8/8/06
Blood:  Activate Quentin, C (FS) Waive Borchard, J
Gamers:  Sign Jennings, J Release Accardo, J
Pachyderms:  Sign Scott, L Release Wilson, C
Pachyderms:  Sign Maine, B Release Bucholz, T
Stiffs:  Activate Milledge, L Reserve Lee, C
Stiffs:  Activate Kent, J Waive Valentin, J
Week 17 Trans - effective 8/1/06
Blood:  Waive Armas, Jr, T
Dingers:  Sign Lugo, J Reserve Clark, T
Gamers:  Sign Delucci, D Release Guillen, J
KCM:  Sign Belliard , R(1/1) Release Luna, H
M'Ball:  Sign Mench, K Release Womack, T
MTBases:  Waive Smith, J
Pachyderms:  Waive Aybar, W
Stiffs:  Sign Cordero, F (1/1) Release Ponson, S
Warrior:  Claim Burnitz, J Release Abreu, B
Warrior:  Sign Graffanino, T Reserve Counsel, C
Trade between Blood and Pikers:
Blood get:  Atkins, G Pikers get:  Bay, J
Borchard, J (Watson, B) Bautista, J (Koskie, C)
Trade between KCM and MTBases:
KCM get:  Saito, T (Gagne, G) MTB get:  Hensley, C
Nelson, C (FS)
Trade between Gamers and Pachyderms:
Gamers get:  Greene, K Pach get:  Cirrilo, J
Blood 2007 #1
Trade between Gamers and Dingers:
Gamers get:  Pujols, A Dingers get:  Vidro, J
Freel, R Encarnacion, E
Week 16 Trans - effective 7/25/06
Gamers:  Claim Willaims, W Waive Weathers, D
Gamers:  Sign Hillenbrand, S (1/1) Release Castilla, V
Gamers:  Reserve Patterson, J Sign Francis, J
M'Ball:  Reserve Wood, K Sign Wickman, B
MTBases:  Activate Lieber, J Release Marshall, S
MTBases:  Activate Drew, S (FS) Waive Burnitz, J
MTBases:  Activate Repko, J Waive Vitorino, S
MTBases:  Reserve Ensberg, M Sign Duncan, C
Pachyderms:  Activate Pelfrey, M (FS) Waive Ramirez, H
Pachyderms:  Activate Backe, B Waive Wright, J
Pikers:  Activate Ohka, T Waive Cruz, J
Pikers:  Claim Williamson, S Waive Duke, Z
Stiffs:  Reserve Kent, J Sign Valentin, J
Warrior:  Waive Vargas, J
Trade between M'Ball and Pikers:
M'Ball get:  Eyre, S Pikers get:  Sheets, B
2007 #1
Week 15 Trans - effective 7/18/06
Blood:  Reserve Koskie, C Sign Batista, J
Dingers:  Reserve Duffy, C Sign Huff, A
Gamers:  Reserve Kemp, M Activate Encarnacion, E
MTBases:  Reserve Matheny, M Sign Bard, J
Pikers:  Reserve Fasano, S Activate Lieberthal, M
Stiffs:  Waive Williamson, S
Wannabes:  Waive Williams, W
Warrior:  Waive Rusch, G
Trade between Gamers and Stiffs:
Gamers get:  Saenz, O/Bagwell, J Stiffs get:  Sweeney, M
Hawpe, B Edmunds, J
Cirrilo, J Reyes, J
Nolasco, R/Reistma, C Ponson, S
Week 14 Trans - effective 7/11/06
Blood:  Activate Roberts, D Waive Izturas, C
Dingers:  Activate Sanchez, A (FS) Release Seo, J
Gamers:  Sign Guardado, E Release Soler, A
Pachyderms:  Activate Reyes, A (FS) Waive Marte, D
Pikers:  Reserve Valverde, J Sign Sele, A
Stiffs:  Reserve Mulder, M Sign Weaver, J
Stiffs:  Reserve Milledge, L Sign Ethier, A
Trade between Blood and Gamers:
Blood get:  Bay, J Gamers get:  Hermida, J
Carpenter, C Ponson, S
Jones, A Giles, B
Blood 2007 #1
Trade between KCM and Pachyderms:
KCM get:  Clemens, R Pach get:  Bautista, M
Ross, D Larue, J
KCM 2007 #1
Week 13 Trans - effective 7/4/06
Gamers:  Sign Accardo, J Release Tomko, B
KCM:  Activate Prior, M Waive Park, Chan Ho
Week 12 Trans - effective 6/27/06
Blood:  Reserve Roberts, D Sign Izturas, C
Blood:  Reserve Armas, T Sign Cook, A
Gamers:  Waive Worrel, T
M'Ball:  Waive Guzman, A
Pachyderms:  Reserve Thompson, J Sign Clemens, R
Pachyderms:  Reserve Aybar, W Sign Lamb, M
Stiffs:  Reserve Claussen, B Sign James, C
Warrior:  Reserve Navarro, D Sign Paulino, R
Warrior:  Activate Billingsly, C (FS) Reserve Rusch, C
Week 11 Trans - effective 6/20/6
MTBases:  Reserve Gagne, E Sign Saito, T
Stiffs:  Activate Milledge, L Waive Cruz, J
Stiffs:  Reserve Williamson, S Sign Julio, J
Stiffs:  Reserve Reitsma, C Sign Nolasco, R
Week 10 Trans - effective 6/13/6
Gamers:  Reserve Encarnacion, E Sign Kemp, M
Gamers:  Activate Guillen, C Waive Chavez, E
KCM:  Claim Luna, H Reserve Matsui, K
MTBases:  Activate Alou, M Reserve Smith, J
Warrior:  Reserve Vargas, C Sign Santos, V
Trade between Pikers and Stiffs:
Pikers get:  Adkins, G Stiffs get: Ramirez, H
Perez, N Cirillo, J
Week 9 Trans - effective 6/6/6
Blood:  Activate Torealba, Y Release Reed, E
Dingers:  Activate Arillia, R Waive Luna, H
MTBases:  Activate Gagne, E Reserve Lieber, J
Pachyderms:  Waive Milton, E
Pachyderms:  Activate Ramirez, H Release Floyd, G
Warrior:  Activate Niekro, L Waive Jordan, B
Week 8 Trans - effective 5/30/06
Blood:  Activate Ponson, S Release Day, Z
Dingers:  Waive Petit, Y
Gamers:  Reserve Worrel, T Sign Soler, A
Gamers:  Claim M. Diaz Reserve Aguila, C
Gamers:  Reserve Guillen, C Sign Chavez, E
KCMeisters:  Reserve Hardy, J Sign Carroll, J
M'Ball:  Activate Wood, K Reserve Guzman, A
Pachyderms:  Waive Hart, C
Pachyderms:  Activate Casey, S Waive Marrero, E
Stiffs:  Reserve Miller, W Sign Ray, K
Trade between Blood and Stiffs: 
Blood get:  Reed, E Stiffs get:  Taguchi, S
2007 Stiffs #2
Week 7 Trans - effective 5/23/06
M'Ball:  Activate Bigbie, L Waive Diaz, M
Warrior:  Waive M. McBride
Warrior:  Reserve Niekro, L Sign Jordan, B
Week 6 Trans - effective 5/16/06
Blood:  Reserve Ponson, S Sign Day, Z
Gamers:  Activate Hamels, C (FS) Waive Maholm, P
Gamers:  Sign Coffey, T Release Mitre, S
KCMeisters:  Reserve Prior, M Sign Park, C
KCMeisters:  Reserve Mercker, K Sign Hensley, C
MTBases:  Reserve Repko, J Sign Vitorino, S
MTBases:  Reserve Alou, M Claim DaVanon, J
Pachyderms:  Reserve Casey, S Claim Marrero, E
Pachyderms:  Reserve Mueller, B Sign Aybar, W
Wannabes:  Activate Lowrey, N Reserve Williams, W
Week 5 Trans - effective 5/9/06
Blood:  Sign Sanchex, F Release Hernandez, A
Dingers:  Activate Camerson, M Waive Devanon, J
Dingers:  Reserve Aurilia, R Sign Luna, H
M'Ball:  Reserve Wood, K Activate Guzman, A
MTBases:  Reserve Gagne, E Sign Marshall, S
Pikers:  Reserve Watson, B Sign Borchard, J
Pikers:  Reserve Lieberthal, M Sign Martin, R
Pikers:  Activate Helton, T Waive Marrero, E
Pikers:  Reserve Ohka, T Sign Cruz, J
Week 4 Trans - effective 5/2/06
M'Ball:  Sign Diaz, M Reserve Bigbee, L
Pachyderms:  Sign Wright, J Reserve Milton, E
Pachyderms:  Sign Rodriguez, J Reserve Hart, C
Week 3 Trans - effective 4/25/06
Blood:  Sign Phillips, B Release T. Sledge
Blood:  Activate Benitez, A Waive Hernandez, R
Dingers:  Sign Rodriguez, W Release Taschner, J
KCMeisters:  Activate Matsui, K Waive Hairston, J
Pachyderms:  Reserve Klesko, R Sign Marbry, J
Pikers:  Reserve Helton, T Sign Marrero, E
Pikers:  Activate Olsen, S (FS) Reserve Wolf, R
Wannabes:  Sign Hennessy, B Release Drese, R
Wannabes:  Reserve Lowry, N Sign Williams, W
Week 2 Trans - effective 4/18/06
Pachyderms:  Activate Lofton, K Release V. Diaz
Pachyderms:  Reserve Backe, B Sign Milton, E
Stiffs:  Reserve Bagwell, J Sign Saenz,. O
Week 1 Trans - effective 4/11/06
Blood:  Reserve Benitez, A Sign Hernandez, Ro
MTB:  Reserve Guzman, Chr Sign Smith, Ja
Pachyderms:  Reserve Ramirez, Ho Sign Buchholz, T
Draft Day Trans - effective Opening Day
Blood:  Reserve Torrealba, Y Sign Sledge, T
Dingers:  Reserve Cameron, M Sign Devanon, J
KCM:  Reserve Matsui, K Sign Hairston, J
Pachyderms:  Reserve Lofton, K Sign Diaz, V
Warrior:  Reserve Johnson, K Sign Finley, S
Farm System Protected, Activated, Dropped, Drafted: Protected Activated Dropped Drafted
Blood: 4 1 0 2
Dingers: 4 0 0 1
Gamers: 4 0 0 1
KCM: 4 1 1 3
M"Express: 2 0 0 3
MTB: 2 2 0 3
Pachyderms: 2 0 0 2
Pikers: 2 0 0 1
Stiffs:  1 0 0 3
Wannabes: 2 0 0 2
Warrior: 3 0 0 1
LT Contracts:
Blood: none
Dingers: Clark 2@6
Gamers: none
KCM: none
M"Express: none
MTB: Wright 3@15
Pachydersm: none
Pikers: none
Stiffs: none
Wannabes: Cordero 3@16
Warrior: Tracy 2@10, Lidge 2@11
3/24/06 - Trade between MTBases and Mball Xpress:
MTBases get:  Barmes, C MBall get:  Nady, X
Snell , I
Castillo, J
3/24/06 - Trade between Blood and Stiffs:
Blood get:  Stiffs 2007 2nd Round DP Stiffs get:  2006 DP #21
3/24/06 - Trade between Blood and Pachyderms:
Blood get:  Benitez, A Pachyderms get:  Oswalt, R
2006 DP #1
3/23/06 - Trade between KCM and Pachyderms:
KCM get:  Duffy, C Pachyderms get:  Thompson, J
3/9/06 - Trade between Gamers and Pachyderms:
Gamers get:  Encarnacion, E Pachyderms get:  Everett, A
Duffy, C
Casey, S
2/27/06 - Trade between Blood and Gamers:
Blood get:  Vizquel, O Gamers get:  2006 DP #16