Fistful of Aliens is a basic 2-player strategy game based loosely on the principles of Rock, Paper, Scissor and War. The Aliens are divided into factions called the Dredrocks (red), Gangreens (green), and Bluspews (blue). The Circle of Power shows that Dredrocks crush Gangreens with muscle, Gangreens neutralize Bluspews with slime, and Bluspews melt Dredrocks with acid. When two Aliens of the same color come up against each other, the victor is determined by a power number of the bottom of their feet. There are additional Power Player Aliens to tilt the balance of power, such as the 2-species Mutants, super-powered RAMM's, Crystallites, and the great warlord leader Jangutz Khan (mail-in premium). Fistful of Aliens were sold at KB Toys and smaller, regional  retailers (like Bradlee's in New England), but were not picked up by mega-chains such as Toys R Us and Wal-mart.

There were two series of Aliens, with some of the figures from Series A retired to make room for figures in Series B. The RAMM's (Rare Alien Metallic Mutants) were hidden and randomly inserted in packages with Mutants. Based on my experience, the distribution was about 1 RAMM for every 18 Mutants (which means you have to buy a lot of packs to get a RAMM!). The Crystallites were released with the new Series B figures in very limited distribution. They came packaged with vehicles / accessories: Space Pods and Weapons, each available in all three colors. The SciRoid Battleship with SciRoids Masters (Series B) made it into production at the very end of the product's life, and achieved only very limited distribution. I've also heard mention of Shadow figures (Blackout, Eternal Abyss, and Dr. Dark), but these might have been mentioned on the website and possibly never made it to production.

I first saw Fistful of Aliens in the Fall of 1998. I immediately thought they were the coolest thing and started buying a ton. All the cashiers thought they were neat and talked about buying them for their kids. With a hidden figure in each pack, retired Aliens, the element of 'randomness' to find the most powerful figure, and collector cards for each Alien, I thought this would be an awesome toy line to collect. Unfortunately, about the time the Crystallites appeared in stores, Yes! Entertainment declared bankruptcy and the toys disappeared pretty quickly after that. Their website, which hosted a ton of great pics of upcoming items, also went off-line. You can find a preserved mirror site of the Official Yes! Entertainment site at the Little Rubber Guys Classifieds website.

Onto the pictures...
If you have something not pictured here I'd be happy to add it to this page!

Battle Pack MOC
6 Aliens
1 Mutant or RAMM
Space Pod Pack MOC
6 Aliens
2 Mutants or RAMMs
1 Space Pod (blue, green, or red)

Aliens (series A & B)




RAMMs (Series A)
RAMMs (Series B)

Crsytallites (Series B)

Space Pods (Series A & B)
Weapons (Series B)

SciRoid Battleship (Series B)
produced in very limited quantities; available only through
Sears mail order in the Christmas Wish Book

 Thanks to Graham for the 2 pics
of the Battleship in action.

Special Edition RAMM's (mail-in premium)
Rammerface, Rammstash, & Rammworm

Jangutz Khan (mail-in premium)
hand-painted die cast figure
(came with child's t-shirt)

My Want List
Battleship w/
SciRoid Masters & Weapon

For Sale $1 each + shipping
2-packs of Aliens!

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