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Gargoyles...frozen in stone by day, flesh and blood winged warriors by night. Awaking after a thousand years, a band of powerful Gargoyles find themselves transported to a time and place not their own -- New York City. Here, the misunderstood creatures battle modern-day barbarians and struggle to understand their strange new world. Gargoyles...the legend begins. (from the action figure card backer)
Sundown. It is time. Cracks tick across the surface of a leering statue. The stone powders and explodes. From the debris emerge -- GARGOYLES. Stone by day, fearsome flesh and blood creatures by night, these winged warriors battle modern-day barbarians. GARGOYLES. The night will never be the same. (from a catalog)

This page basically spotlights my personal collection, but will hopefully also be a useful tool for the enthusiast. It's small now, but will hopefully grow bigger over time. We all know no more Gargoyles stuff is being produced, so I certainly don't see any rush. : )
Gargoyles was just one of my favorite shows when it came out in 1995 (I watched it religiously in college, up through the long stretch of episodes when Goliath et al. were travelling through time from Avalon, and I started losing interest). I collect this stuff, and still pick it up when I find it at yard sales and flea markets. I decided to put together this page to help out other collectors; besides, what good does this stuff do me if it's sitting in a box in my room? So here it is. Enjoy!

WANTED: Pictures of stuff not shown on this page! Please help it continue growing!

Action Figures
Series I (first release)
  • Broadway
  • Brooklyn
  • Demona
  • Quick Strike Goliath
  • Stone Armor Goliath
  • Lexington
  • Steel Clan Robot
  • Xanatos
  • Rippin' Rider Cycle (Vehicle)
Series I (second release)
  • Bronx
  • Battle Goliath
  • Claw Climber Goliath
  • Hudson
  • Strike Hammer Macbeth
  • Mighty Roar Goliath
  • Power Wing Goliath
  • Night Striker (Vehicle)
Series II
  • Stone Camo Broadway
  • Stone Camo Lexington
  • Elisa Maza
  • Flamestorm Goliath
  • Icestorm Brooklyn
  • Rainstorm Hudson
  • Steel Clan Xanatos
  • Lion Bronx
  • Minotaur Goliath
  • Griffin Goliath
  • 13" Ultimate Goliath
  • Castle Playset (Playset)
  • Xanatos XI-44 Roadster (Vehicle)
  • Lightning Assualt Vehicle -- not produced...?
Series III
  • Hardwired Broadway
  • Hardwired Coldstone
  • Hardwired Goliath
  • Hardwired Lexington
  • Hardwired Xanatos

Series I, II, and III backer cards

Other figures

  • PVC's
  • large PVC's

Action Figures
  • Hard-wired Lexington
  • Strike Hammer Macbeth
  • Elisa Maza
  • Resin hardcopy of Lexington
  • Resin hardcopy of Broadway
  • + more!!
Unproduced Plush
  • Goliath
  • eye-glow Goliath
  • Lexington
  • Brooklyn

Miscellaneous stuff
Burger King toys

Catalog scans

Gargoyles: Games & Puzzles

  • Board Game
  • Card Game
  • Playing Cards
  • 70-piece Puzzle
  • Puzz 3D Gargoyles Castle
Gargoyles: Videos
  • Gargoyles: The Movie (sale & rental copies)
  • The Force of Goliath video Vol. 2
Other Stuff
  • Lexington Mug
  • Creepy Crawlers Mold Pak
  • Stamper's Workshop
  • Goliath costume
  • Gargoyles Talking Bank
  • Look and Find Gargoyles book

Trading Card chase card checklist
Series 1 chase cards
  • Glow-in-the-dark Static Clings
Series 2 chase cards
  • Series 2 box
  • Promo card
  • Double-sided cards
  • Foil-embossed cards
  • Redemption cards
  • mail-in SkyMotion card

Lightning Assault Vehicle

This vehicle was pictured on card backers during Series II. 
I suspect it was produced in extremely limited quantities, or only as a production sample. I have heard rumors that this toy got limited release in Europe. 

If you have any information about this vehicle, I want to hear from you! E-mail me.

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