Some Case Examples of Past Life Readings

How we use the knowledge of a past life to understand current relationships or clear issues is not always methodical. Since I began my readings, I have seen many different responses from clients to past life information. Some people have had immeitate shifts in either their physical or emotional bodies, while others had shifts over longer periods of time. I have also seen that some have only to hear the information to make these shifts, and yet others have had to consciously integrate the past with understanding and forgiveness. I am not sure how and why it works this way.

Reccurring Migraines

A few years after I began reading, a woman came to me who had migraines for 4-5 years and wanted to see if accessing her past would give some her some relief from them since conventional medicine had not helped. I saw one of her past lives when she was a man during the Spanish Inquisition, and he was tortured for his beliefs, dying a painful death. I felt it was important to relate to her in detail her last thoughts about God and about the friends that betrayed her, as our thoughts at the time of death carry forth and create the circumstances of a future life. She wrote me soon afterwards to say that a few days after the reading, her migraines had completely disappeared. I heard from her again a year later to tell me that she was still free of them.

A Feeling of Being Disconnected From Life

I read for a women who wanted to know why she had always felt disconnected from life. I saw that she had lived in England and in 1944 had lost both her brother and her fiance' within two weeks of each other in WWII. She was terribly devastated and had gone on to live a secluded life. I heard from her about six months later and she told me that right after the reading, the feeling of being disconnected had left. She had also researched WWII 1944 veterans and found her brother's name, which I had told her during the reading. (Although I don't usually focus on names and physical characteristics, sometimes that information comes through in the reading.)

A Rabbit Mystery Solved

One of my most interesting past life readings was one in which a female client wanted to know what her relationship with her son, her only child, was in the past. She told me no other information about him. I saw that he was angry and she agreed, saying that she thought it was due to his father leaving him at an early age. In looking at a recent past life of theirs together, however, I saw him in a rural setting, standing beside a rabbit cage with 18 pet rabbits, all named, and all loved by him deeply. I saw his mother in that life, who was also his current mother, take 6 of his rabbits, over the course of a year and cook them in a stew for dinner because the family was very poor. She didn't think he would notice that a few of them were missing. But he did notice and he had to eat them silently, thinking that he couldn't say anything about it. He held in his hurt and anger. I then asked her about his relationship with rabbits and she replied that he had about 20 stuffed rabbits, all named and that he slept with them, keeping himself between his bedroom door and them. She said he would carry them around the house, in baskets covered with napkins, to hide them from her. Asking me what I thought she should do, I suggested that she apologize to him, to his Higher Self. She said she was going to even get him a pet rabbit. As I never heard from her again, I am not sure whether they worked out the hurt and anger from the past. It's even possible that the drama between them isn't over in this life and may carry forth into future lives together until they can reach the place of love and forgiveness.

Emotional Conflicts Resolved

I have found in my readings that two people can have unresolved emotional issues over the span of many lifetimes. This was the case of a woman who came to me because she she had exhausted all the usual methods for resolving the conflict between her and her ex-husband. She wanted to know their past to understand what the deeper underlying issues between them were. In this life she had immigrated to the U.S. and left their two girls with him in Mexico, with plans to have them come live with her when she got settled. However, her ex-husband had changed his mind and wouldn't even allow the girls to speak with her by phone, much less travel to America. When I accessed her past life with him, I saw that they had been in competition with each other for leadership in a tribal setting, about 500 AD. She (as a man in that life) had won and her husband had been a sore looser. I told her to write him a letter acknowledging all the times in this life where he had excelled in leadership over her.) His attitude shifted immediately; he resumed communication with her in a congenial way and let their two girls go live with her.

Stomach Pain Cleared

Sometimes an issue will clear that is unrelated to the intentional question brought to the reading. This was the case of a man who wanted to know his past with a particular woman in his life. One of the events that I saw in his past was that he had shot another man in the stomach because of jealousy over the woman, although he did not kill him. My client contacted me a week later to tell me that stomach pain he had all his life had disappeared after hearing the story of that past life. Before the reading he had not mentioned his pain - it wasn't a question that he brought to the reading. I was surprised that this had happened just by hearing the information; it gave me further acknowledgement that I am not sure how the whole issue of karma works. Perhaps, it was just time for his to clear.