~Early Marsh Drawing~

If I had to define my life story in a brief sentence, I would simply say that I have always been a seeker of truth and love. For some people that path may unfold in a calm and clear way; my path included many "valleys" - dramas, distractions, losses, illnesses and failures. Eventually, I came to see the difficulties as doorways or opportunities and through incorporating different spiritual practices, any new challenges that appear have been much easier to navigate through.

But to start, I began a journey to learn with small steps how to heal the wounds of the heart, mind and body. I was drawn to live in different places seeking answers - Marin, Santa Cruz, Fiji, Santa Fe, Atlanta and Asheville. (Now am back in my hometown of Charleston). I spent many years working with different spiritual practices and teachings, including Advaita, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, and becoming involved in almost every "new age" healing modality that has ever surfaced on this planet. Along the way, I began to see that we are all struggling in some form; from confusion to clarity, from sickness to health, from fear to love, and from separation to wholeness.

Although my formal education was as an artist, receiving a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, over time I felt drawn to work in the field of service to others. We all have our own unique gifts to share with the world, however small they may seem. While living in Santa Fe in 1994, I met a teacher and under her training, was able to uncover my ability to "see" past lives. Since that time, I have given thousands of readings. I feel my gift of being able to access the past for people is a better way to help others than as a working professional artist. I have seen so many profound shifts with past life information. The relief that a client feels when they have a emotional breakthrough, or a healing from a physical problem, is a real joy to me.

Currently, I am practicing Science of Mind studies, Tibetan Buddhism and incorporating many of the devotional Christian practices with the simplicity of the Jesus and Mother Mary heart energies. Meditation, chanting and the rosary are daily practices, and I serve my community in a daily cat rescue project in the marginalized city streets here in Charleston. I suppose if I had the time, I would enjoy putting more energy into painting, but I find it's OK to let that go for now, and focus with more quality on what my heart tells me is important for my path now.


Thanks for visiting my site. I hope it opens some people to exploring another way of seeing. It may seem incomplete to understand who we are solely based on our genetic inheritance and early environmental surroundings. If you are interested in obtaining a reading, please send me an e-mail or call me at 1-843.577.2948 or 888-863.5796. (The toll free number is only good for USA and Canada).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Donna Ciaciarella

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