Prayer For Good Karma

This is a wonderful prayer to heartfully say daily for creating good karma, or merit. It was written by Shantideva, an 8th century Indian Brahmin, whose primary teaching was to cultivate the way of compassion.

May any spiritual energy thus generated
By my devotion to the enlightened ones
Be dedicated to dispelling the misery
Of living beings without exception.

As long as diseases afflict living beings
May I be the doctor, the medicine
And also the nurse
Who restores them to health.

May I fall as rain to increase
The harvests that must feed living beings
And in ages of dire famine
May I myself serve as food and drink.

May I be an unending treasury
For those desperate and forlorn.
May I manifest as what they require
And wish to have near them.

My body, every possession
And all goodness, past, present and future.
Without remorse I dedicate
To the well-being of the world