Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division

All I Need to Know in Life
I Learned from Remington Steele
Part 2
Debra Talley
Indentured servitude went out with the top hat... When embroiled in circumstances of life and death, have the common sense to stop and catch your breath... You never know when you'll have need of a hair dryer at the office... When on the golf course, it is acceptable to wear your sense of humor... When flying to Malta, don't waste your time packing neatly... Pacing can be inspirational... No one likes to start their day with a hot cup of the Thames... One man's loons are another man's doubloons... Panty hose can be used in an emergency situation to create a diversion... Your childhood hobby might one day prove helpful in your job... When trying to convince your partner that you are not infected with 'Gold Fever', try not to drool... A good detective has many faces... Some people's idea of a vacation is coming back late from lunch... Kissing with your eyes open can save your life... Being a pip at Charades is an underestimated life skill... Sometimes you go down in ignominious defeat with the bat on your shoulder, but you always dress for the game... Cinematic references can be quite inspirational... If a man is going to melt a woman's ice cubes, they should at least be on a first name basis... It's amazing what you can pick up when your life is in danger... For most people, the bloom never leaves the rose... To run efficiently in high heel shoes, you must train for it... Maintaining a career is easier than maintaining a relationship... It is not considered good taste to smack your lips when doing research... Many a ploy is born out of desperation... New hardware in an old building is cause for suspicion... The secrets that bind two people together are a confounding mystery...


Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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