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All I Need to Know in Life
I Learned from "Manions of America"
Debra Talley
War has little time for compassion... It's possible to hate the enemy, but love his daughter... It's hard to have a serious discussion over the rear end of a donkey... 'Tis easier to forget yourself than to forget the land of your birth... An Irish mauseleum is a dandy place to hide illegal barrels of gunpowder... Men are free or they are not, the world over... An Irish tin whistle is a good deterrant to crime... Some promises are impossible to keep... Innocent words, taken our of context, can be construed as a curse... When taking gunpowder across the mountains by wagon, always take an extra barrel... Sometimes marriage is like making a truce with the enemy in the middle of a war... An empty cradle melts anger... Nothing brings joy like the familiar face of a friend in a foreign country... Even a turf fire dies if it's stomped on long enough... Your deceptions always come back to haunt you... When you love someone, you must take them as they are... A holy medal can be worth more than its weight in gold... You can't force your brother to fight your family's battles... Having a hard head can save your life... Not only is it hard to go home again, sometimes it's downright dangerous... Nothing calms a hothead like the realities of war... If you're going to burn an incriminating letter, make sure no one saw the postmark... All anyone can ask is to be perfectly happy for a little while... Sometimes the thing we yearn for so desparately is the very thing that kills us... You should always keep an eye on high-spirited Irish animals...It's possible to be seduced by a country... The deep love of family can bring you back from the dark void of unconsciousness... You must be able to forgive yourself... Even a patriot has to earn a living... There's always a future for people who love each other...


Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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