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Annamoe 2
Co. Wicklow, Ireland

As we looked for a good place to pull the car over and I was congratulating myself on our good luck, lo and behold, what did I see on our right but the row of charming white houses with red trim where Flanagan lived!! (Photo by Debra Talley)


Photo from "Steele Your Heart Away", Courtsey of Pamo

Photo from "Steele Your Heart Away", Courtsey of Pamo

Sandra parked the car and I hopped out and headed to Flanagan's row house. I always thought Flanagan's house was nowhere near the wake house but yet there it was, right across the street from it! Those are the row houses on the left. (Photo from "Steele Your Heart Away", Courtsey of Pamo)

It was after 5:30 and there was no traffic, so we were able to stand in the street while taking some of our pictures. It was so peaceful and quiet, it almost felt like we were in a time warp - a feeling which was intensified by the blinding sunlight, which is unusual for Ireland. It was as if Sandra and I were the only two people in Ireland.


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Steele in Ireland

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